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Nov 12, 2012 Langue 13 Month!

This week was a fun letter.  He had some neat experiences this week.  Spencer was one of the last boys to go out his age, so his friends are now starting to return home.  We went to Stake Conference last week an ran into one of his friends that went out first.  We couldn't believe that Craig was home already.  But when we started doing the math, it made sense that he was home.  Wow does time fly when you are a missionary!  Enjoy his letter.  

Hey mom and everyone, 

This week was a little bit better. Ya I can’t freaking believe that it has already been 13 months only 11 more to go. And ya Craig Stevenson went out about a year before I did.  He is older than us but just barely missed the
school dead line with is bday so that’s why he went out so much earlier than us. 

So about Dani and Lani it’s really hard to get over to them cuz they like about 30 35 minutes away walking and so it’s hard to try to get to them. We haven’t been there in about 2 weeks and they don’t come to church. Danny’s mom came yesterday so well see if we end up going out to visit in the next few days. And I still haven’t found a lawyer. It’s kind of difficult to try to get all that done and stayed focused on other investigators. 

We are working with a few people but nothing too big right now. We just started teaching this family the other day. We were coming home from down by the boarder of el Salvador and we had to get off the bus. We took a taxi and we got to talking to one of the passengers and found out his was a member. They moved to Langue at the begin of the year from el Progresso which is a city next to San Pedro and his wife isn’t a member, but she has a bunch of family that are members. But she is pregnant and there is an unwritten rule in Honduras that women after having a baby they don’t leave the house for 40 day and she already doesn’t like to leave the house so we will see where this goes. But we went over and talked with her on Friday and I talked about temple marriage and how families can be together forever and she really liked it. So hopefully this all works out. And one great thing is that they are already married. That never happens in this country. 

So here is one of the coolest things that have ever happened to me. So we are working with this guy named Carlos. He is like 35 and loves to drink. So for about a week we have been trying to show him a video about the WOW (word of wisdom) and whenever we go over the energy goes out. So this is like the 3rd time we have tried to show this video. So we got everything set up and we were watching the video and we were getting to the point to finish up the video and the light goes out in all of Langue. So we told him we would come over in the afternoon the next day and we would finish the video. And so he asked me to say the closing prayer. So I was saying it and I felt like I needed to ask for the light to come back so we could teach everyone in Langue and the moment I asked for the light... literally in that moment it came back. I almost busted out laughing in the prayer. It was unreal. 

But I’m doing great. I’m excited to see what this new change brings. So you know how last week you told me that the missionaries stayed at the house last week cuz they didn’t have appointments. Well you should tell them anytime they just need a place to relax for an hour or so... let them cuz man some days just suck and to have a for sure house where you know you can chill for a moment and think about what to do instead of doing it in the hot street really helps the life of the missionary. 

Hey I put something else on my wish list of things for Christmas. Do you remember the gel I used to use back home its call short and sexy hair. It’s a blue gel you can find it in Wal-Mart. I would love it if you sent 2 bottles of that. I figure that 2 would be perfect. But make sure you tape the tops shut so they don’t explode on the way down here haha. 

I love you guys so much. Tell mike I say hi back and that he looks like a Honduran man with his shirt off like that hahaha

Elder Spencer Olsen 

 This is a little girl in my branch named alma she is a little chucker haha really funny
 We had to cut our own path to an investigators house
(Funny story about this picture.  Even before Spencer got his call he would say that he always wanted to go to a place where he had to buy a Machete and cut his way to an investigators house.  His dream came true.)

 It's corn season in Honduras
(boy doesn't Elder Olsen look great!)

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