Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oct 29, 2012 Langue Pictures YES!!

 Hey mom and everyone, 

This week was ok. The big thing is that it’s hard to figure out where to work. This area is a little difficult. My comp is a little interesting. He is a typical Latino lol. So it’s just a little difficult to deal with him at some times. But I’m trying to be patient with him cuz I know that I have things that I always have to work on as well, so I just try to do my best. 

So let me tell you a little bit about the people in my branch. So the President, he is an interesting guy. He has been a member for what they tell me is quite a few years.  The secretary is way cool his name is Kenfor. He helps us a lot.  He is probably the best member that we have. 

This week was normal. We did find a new family yesterday at the very end of the day. So what had happened was that we were coming home from a place outside of Langue near the border of el Salvador. and we were in a bus and a drunk guy started to talk to us and he said the he wanted to change his life and he asked if we could help him. So he gave us his address, and we tried going over there like 2 times and only found his wife. So yesterday we were like ok last time. We went over and like 20 minutes earlier he had gotten back from work. and I could also see that he was a little drunk, so we just told him that we were there to help and that we were willing to do whatever he was willing to do. So I think that this might turn out to be pretty good. 

So the big highlight of the week is that we had ribs for dinner on Saturday night. So when I got there that guy Kenfor told me that his sister made really good ribs. So what we did is he put up the meat and we put up all the extras. It turned out sooo good. But nothing like yours. hahaha. But it was a great night. But I love you guys I hope everything is going good I’m doing great don’t worry too much haha. 

 honduran rib plate

  me and my comp elder de leon

 this is all the space we have plus a small bathroom

 us watching conference

 the one year burn

making tamales to go to the temple

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