Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nov 5, 2012 Langue.....It's Hot!

Hey mom and everyone,

This was a very baggy week haha. I have to remind myself that there are still 11 months left in my mission haha but it going by quick. It feels like just last week that I burned my shirt but that was a month ago already. It’s been kind of hard in my area lately. It’s been really hot lately. By like 10am in our ¨house¨ it is like 95 degrees. It’s unbearable sometimes I go out and I study in one of the hammocks that the landlady  has hung up outside.

This last week nothing really happened it’s just been really hot. I’m really trying to think about what happened this week. Oh I got a really cool fact for you. From when the prophet announced the age change for the missionaries the application rate sky rocketed a whopping 470% more from where it was before. That was pretty crazy when they told us that on Thursday.

So nothing really happened this week. I'll try to have something happen this week hahaha. So I’ll try right now to send like 10 photos

 We watched this pig get killed and then butchered
 I’m the king of Danli
 This is the stake secretary in Danli his name is Hemmerson. He was one of Noah Cook’s comps in El Salvador.
He is a real cool kid.
 Here is me hanging up the dead pig hahah

 And this is the pig after it  was butchered 
 This is my best niño friend in Danli his name is Selvin
 This is Nilda. She was my cook lady in Danli  she is my Honduran mom
 My Zone in San Lorenzo
This is what I see when I walk out of my house

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