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Oct 22, 2012 Langue INFO

Ok everyone, I did some research on Langue.  Langue is in the district of San Lorenzo.  It is in the north part of his area with Valle, Nacaome, and San Lorenzo in is area also.  There are 25,000 people that live in the surrounding areas.  It is on the border of El Salvador and is a regional Hammock making center.  The town is made up of sharecroppers and day laborers.  Wikipedia says there are usually Mormon missionaries and Peace Corps volunteers in the city.  There are a lot of cattle.  The town has been in a drought for quite some time.  The main town has a large sized market that gets bigger on Sundays when the villagers come to town to sell their crops and goods.  It's a hub for many cities so the transportation around the area is good.  You can get to Tegucigalpa, Choluteca, and El Savador  very easily from there.  Here is his letter from this week.  The last question I asked his that he refers to at the end is if he knew that it is Hammock Capital of the world.  Enjoy    

Hey mom and everyone

Well my week didn’t go that great. We really only had like 3 days of work. So what had happened was that I’m in a town that is not as developed as Monjaras. But that not to say that Monjaras is even that developed haha. So we didn’t have energy for like 3 days this week and when the sun goes down and there is no light we have to be in the house cuz it just gets unbelievably dark. And then on Thursday we had interviews with President and he showed up like 4 hours late and when he got here he had to do temple recommend interviews for some of the district members of the county. So we didn’t get interviews started till like 630 at night, so we lost that day of work. But they understood why all our numbers just really sucked. But this week we got some good plans to get some new people to teach. The area is the south of the mission. It’s hot and humid.  The big majority of the people can’t read or write. So you know the people are a little simpler then Danli. So I have to adapt to that again. But I love the south it’s so much more fun then Danli. My comp is cool. But like everyone he has his things that bug me but nothing that doesn’t try my patience too much so it should be a good time with my comp.

So with Dani and Lani... so I talked with the place that holds our records for Langue to see if everything got done with. So I asked and they told me that they knew Lani and that we needed a paper from the lawyer that said that she was divorced. So on Thursday I talked with the lawyer that we were using in Monjaras and what he told me was that Lani had lied about not having a kid with her 1st husband. Apparently when the judge asked her about it she lied and when it got discovered that she did have a little son with the guy the judge got mad and threw her case out, and so if we want to get her divorced we have to start it all over and we can’t do it in Choluteca because they won’t accept her case. So I have to do it in a place called Nacaome which is the city right next to where I live. But the thing about it is that we have to find a new lawyer. And the thing about it is that we got a huge discount when we did it in Choluteca with only the lawyer charged us 3000 limps but the average that I have heard is about 8000 limps. So I talked to Sis Hernandez the wife of my president and she said that I should start over and just ask the office for the money to get this all started. So right now I’m looking for a lawyer that will help us out and try to get him for as cheap as possible.

The hotel room is an oven, really small concrete box with one window that almost doesn’t open up haha. But its ok it not the worst house I have seen in the mission. Were trying to convince the land lady to put ac in the room right now. We will see how that works out haha. And no there is no maid service but there is a little worker lady that makes us lunch every day. No we don’t have a kitchen we have a fridge a table and a little 2 side hot plates to cook on, it’s sad hahah. No the land lady she only cooks us lunch. What I do for dinner is this. I buy an egg and you can buy already cooked beans in places called pulparias. They are little convenient stores that sell drinks chips and all kinds of stuff. So I warm up some beans an egg with a few tortillas and that’s dinner and breakfast hahah. Ok for laundry. I have to do it by hand. So there are these things called pilas that are little water tanks and next to them built out of concrete is a wash board. So I have to wash my clothes by hand like twice a week so that I always have clothes. And I also have to iron my own clothes. And the crappy part about this whole thing is the land lady has a washing machine but she won’t let us use it. So when I have a little more trust with her I’m going to see if we can raise the rent because I imagine that’s the reason she doesn’t want us to use up the electricity by using it all the time. So I figure we raise the rent a little bit that should compensate for the money she will lose by letting us use the machine.

The shirt burning was fun. It went by really quick like 2 minutes but it was a good feeling to know that this date next year I will be in the house. The area is in the middle of nowhere it has nothing as in the words of food. And if it does it’s always going to be really expensive. We start to talk expensive when something cost more than 80 limps. So if you do the math on that that is only a 4 dollar meal. Life here is a lot different like when things cost about 5 dollars 100 limps those things for me start to get expensive. Life here is really, really, really different.

Ya in my mission I think I have only written in the church building twice and we aren’t allowed to write on members computers when they have them so we always have to use internet cafes or cybers as they are called down here.

And to you last question yes I did.  It’s unreal how they make them. There is a family in my branch that makes them for a living. And while we are on the subject... I was wondering if you could round up some money so that I can but one or two of them while I’m down here. A cheap good one cost like 500 limps like 25 bucks. And I have talked with some people and started looking how I can get the best deal so I’ll let you know.

But the big thing is that my area is big and I don’t know where to start but I’m trying to listen to the spirit, and I think I have found where im going to start working  

So this is my wish list for Christmas cause if you want to get it to me on time you need to send it by like November mid November 
Arizona Flag
New hat but it hast to be a new era fitted something to do with Arizona 
a new back pack, jansport simple the one I would like it the one that has the leather on the bottom of it and what I would like you to do to the back pack is put an Arizona flag patch one it 
Puppy chow 
Oh what I forgot to tell you so if you can somehow pull this off I also want a Santa Cruz t shirt large 
And if you can somehow get me something from each of the sports teams dbacks suns and cards 

That is what I want and if you want to throw in a few surprises that would be awesome 

I love you guys I’m doing great. The weeks go faster and faster each week. I’m doing my best 

Love you all 

Elder Spencer Olsen  

Camera just died. Swear I will send pics next week hahaha

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