Friday, December 28, 2012

Hey mom and everyone,
So ya.... man alive this week was crazy. I wasn’t in my area for like 3 days haha. So this last week we had changes. So on Tuesday my comp said goodbye to everyone the basically turned their Christmas party into the goodbye party for my comp haha. Wednesday we did a little in the area, went to like 2 appointments. We got a few kids ready for their baptisms. In the morning they let me know that I was training. So I got a new kid. I’ll talk about him in just a sec.
So Wednesday we left Langue at about 4pm. Got a bus to the Pan-American Highway and then a lady that was headed to Choluteca picked us up even though we had 3 bags and a big box of stuff. So we almost got to where we were going in San Lorenzo to the Zl’s house to stay. I brought a bag with me because I knew that the Zl’s only have 2 beds so I brought my hammock with me so I could have a place to sleep those 2 nights that I was going to be there cuz I didn’t want to sleep on the floor again haha. So, in the morning on Thursday we woke up early and had to take a bus to Tegus at 5 am so we could make it in time for the trainers meeting and to get our new comps. There was like 35 new missionaries this time. President said it was the most the mission has ever received. He also made an announcement that Holland is going to come for the dedication and that he is going to do a conference with all the missionaries. It’s going to be so awesome.
So my new comps name is Elder Mendoza. He is from Durango Mexico. President did a power point with all the missionaries and who they were going to train. I told myself that I didn’t want to train a gringo. So when I saw his pic I thought crap I have to train a gringo cuz the kid is whiter than I am and has green eyes. But nope he is Latin. He is very serious and very obedient. But we will see if we can break him into the mission haha. So that same day we got back to the Zl’s house and we had to sleep 6 to a 2 room house haha. Man I was happy I brought my hammock haha. So on Friday we had district meeting and we went home and had to do the interviews for our baptisms. We got there got them done but my dl and his comp had to stay the night.
So on Saturday they took off and we had to get stuff ready for our baptism. But I completely forgot about baptismal clothes. So we had to go back to San Lorenzo to go get it. But that is an hour and a half a way. I don’t know how we got it all done but we did it. 100% Milagros. But it turned out good.
So that was my week. I can’t wait to talk to you guys
Elder Spencer Olsen

we are helping this family so that the church can build them a house they live in a mud house in the middle of no where 

 mi hijo this is elder mendoza

after a year in the country finally went to the temple

  baptism Carla, Miguel, and Jr. Jr is the smallest

 Cleaning up after the baptism haha

I caught a scorpion

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