Sunday, December 2, 2012

Langue Nov 26, 2012 The Arizona Boys

Hey mom and everyone,
Man alive the mission is starting to become really routine for me now. The big thing that happened is that the baptism that we had set up of this Saturday fell through because she didn’t go to church on Sunday. We have a cita with her tonight and we will see what happened with her.
But on Friday... we had zone conference. President really is starting to change the mission. Since there is a bunch if new sisters coming to the mission he has asked us not to get together so much, so the sisters and the elders don’t fall in love. Seriously that’s what he said hahaha. He openly acknowledges that kind of stuff. He said that for the elders all the girls to us are now uglier than ever and that went the same for the sisters. ha-ha. But he did talk about a lot of great things. He really is trying to change the mission for the good but we as missionaries may not understand why. But in the end it will be for our own benefit.
Oh mom you will get a kick out of this but all the missionaries that are in the south with us at zone conference. We all took a pic so that the moms could feel so special hahaha. it was pretty funny
But this week was just a normal week. we found a few new positive people this week. I really hope that they can progress.
Well I’m doing great. Oh and by the way I did nothing for Thanksgiving haha. I was just a normal day here in the mish. I’m saving up for next year hahaha can’t wait. Can you believe that I’m going to be home for next Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas? That’s what’s up haha.
I love you guys have a great and safe week

Elder Spencer Olsen

All of these Elders are from Arizona.  Spencer asked for an Arizona Flag for Christmas. 
Now I know why.  He wanted to hold it up in front of them. 
I can't believe the President has all of these Elder's together all from Arizona.  
That is so fun. 

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