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Dec. 3, 2012 3 Investigators

This week's letter was so exciting.  He has several people he is working with and he is starting to see some progress in the area.  We received an email on Monday that his camera got broken so he needs to buy a new one.  I gave him a bad time and asked him what happened and if he kept it in a case.  We have decided that it would be cheaper if he just buys one there and we put the money in his account.  We also found out that he will be able to Skype us this year.  We are so excited to hear and see him on Christmas!  We definitely are counting down the days.  He has hit the 14 month mark!  The Church has also announced the Temple Dedication of the Tegucigalpa, Honduras  Temple.  The Open House will start February 9th and the Temple Dedication will be on March 17.  That is so exciting!  We'll see if Spencer will be part of that at all.  I sure hope so!  Enjoy his letter.

Hey mom and everyone, 

So to start off, I have no idea what happened with my camera. It just broke haha. And of course I keep it in a case. I’m not completely dumb. And it’s really kind of hard to send pics when you don’t have a camera haha. 

This week has been just another normal week for me. People who don’t want to listen and don’t want to understand how the gospel really can change their lives.  So they just recently called a mission leader for us. And this week his daughter came down from Puerto Cortes by San Pedro. The 1st thing in the afternoon we just passed by letting them know that we would be by at about 6pm. But he had us come in and introduce her to us. So we started to talk to her and man alive is that girl so confused. She has listened to so many different pastors and other missionaries that it was really difficult to get her to understand. So she had frustrated me from the very beginning. And she asked us if she could be a missionary like us and I told her that we would explain all that when we came back. And she had mentioned she had already been baptized in another church. 

So we came back and this girl can get off track when she asks questions. So I explained to her that we could answer all of her questions but if she had a question that didn’t have to do with the lesson and that if she had questions that weren’t about the lesson to save them for after. So the lesson was going good. She definitely asked a lot of question. And for the way she talked she acted like she knew a lot about the Bible. But then when it came down to even look for books in the Bible she almost couldn’t. So she really got asking some interesting question. And then she started to tell me things that don’t even exist in the Bible. So I got more and more frustrated. Man I know as a missionary we aren’t supposed to get mad. But man alive this girl really tested my patience. It was bad. But we're going to go back and she if she will forgive me. Man that day sucked.

But it’s funny her dad is a very humble guy that nothing effects that guy. He actually blames his daughter and asked me every time he sees me to forgive his daughter for being so juvenile haha. I always tell him it was my fault and he wants us to come over and teach her again. 

We did have another situation with another lady. But she understood what we were trying to say. And we got to explain to her that she shouldn’t trust what we say but what God will tell her if she prays. Her name is Eddis. She is a humble lady that does whatever she can to make a buck. We have been trying to help her with like stuff around the house. We were going to go get firewood with her but we showed up too late to go. So she said to come over another day. She is really kind of positive. It’s just she works from like 3 am on Sunday to 3pm in the afternoon selling music in the market. But I think she would be a great member. 

Oh one more. So on Monday last week we met this kid named Jared. He was way cool 15 years old. He is already out for vacation. So when we made the appointment I didn’t think he was going to be there the next day. But he was. So we talked with him about the restoration and challenged him to baptism. He accepted for the 22 of this month. So we went back on Friday and we ended up teaching his 2 sisters and him. Got through the lesson and we asked when we could come back. And they said that their God mother is who they live with is super Catholic and would get really mad at them if we came back. We asked if we could talk to her and they said she would punish them if we did. So we left it there. The oldest sister seemed really interested and Jared. The youngest for the God mother says that’s she is Catholic too. But they were 3 way good kids but because of the God mother we can’t teach them. Laws suck. 

Things are starting to get to me more in those situations. When people that don’t want to or can’t accept the gospel. It just gets rough how much people have changed from what Christ taught 2000 years ago. But those people will receive their reward or punishment in the last day. 

Well I love you guys I’m doing great. Oh something way cool happened to me today. So my land lady’s daughter came in from tags today with her husband. So we got to talking to him and how he had served in this area as his last area. So your 1st comp in the mission is you trainer and teaches you how to be a missionary basically. So with that they call your trainer your dad in the mission and you can have brothers and cousins and uncles and grandfathers. So what I found out today is that grandson in law of my land lady trained my dad in the mission. So that makes him my grandpa in the mission. It’s way cool. I didn’t think I was ever going to get to know him haha. 

But I’m good. Love you all. Say hi to everyone for me 

Elder Spencer Olsen

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