Sunday, December 16, 2012

Langue, Dec 10, 2012 Church Service in Langue

This is a funny letter this week.  I had asked him a few questions that he responded to.  I had asked him if he had remembered last year's Ward Christmas Party because this year's was very similar.  I had also asked him about his church.  Since he doesn't have a chapel that they meet at, I wanted to know about his Sunday's and if they still do the whole Church Service.  We are so excited for next week.  We get to skype him this year.  We just got a new computer for Christmas, so we are set and ready to see our Missionary!  I hope it all works out.  Enjoy his letter.  

Hey mom and dad

Ok 1st off I’m going Honduran right now. But man let’s think about this mom I have 14 months in the mission... how could have I been home for Christmas last year. I was still in Monjaras hahaha. But this week was ok.

So that guy that I told you last week who is my grandpa of the mission. On Sunday the 1st counselor of the mission came for the 2nd time in 1 month. And he interviewed him and his wife and well they asked him to be the new branch president. So at the beginning of the year he is going to be my new branch pres. it’s going to be awesome. He is going to live in the same hotel as us so it is going to be fun to have another guy my age in the house hahaha. That’s weird to think that 24 is in my age range of possible friends haha. But it should be good he is a really hard worker. Just by doing like 2 visits with them we double the attendance in one week so it should be a good 3 more months in langue.

Ok those are some very interesting question haha. We do have all 3 meetings.  We are an official branch. So, we have to do all normal meetings.  There are a few house of worship that aren’t officially anything just a few members that get together that have permission to pass the sacrament that those are only 2 hours long and the missionaries that are there are the leaders of the church. There are many churches here that are churches they just can’t hold a good enough attendance on Sunday so they can have a chapel.  However... with that we are in a small town in the middle of nowhere and nobody has the manuals of the church here. They don’t know how to do everything that they are supposed to do. So, sometimes things can just get out of hand. So like the primary room is really small and there are like 18 little kids that come so they don’t all fit. It’s just stuff like that that they do here that just cracks me up haha.

Well man, changes are next week and we need to get some new inv. this week so we have a bunch of work for my new comp. I can’t believe that one year has already passed that I have been in Honduras. Next thing I know I’ll be at home haha. But there is only a few days left until I get to call and we get to see each other. I’m so pumped I can’t wait. Well I love you guys hope everything is great. And tell Ms. D that I say hi back and everyone else.

Elder spencer Olsen

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