Friday, December 28, 2012

Dec. 17, 2012 The PACKAGE CAME

This weeks letter was fun.  He got his package and he was so excited.  Of course he opened it.  I knew he would, so that's ok.  I sent gifts to his Companion.  Between Grandma Linda, Aunt Shelly and Mom and Dad, I think he made out pretty well.  He really wanted a new backpack, so we found a good one and I sewed an AZ flag over the top of the Under Armour Logo.  I am a little afraid that it might be stolen, but we found out that Under Armour isn't that popular, NIKE is.  We got him and his companion a tie each, Cardinal T-shirts, Ensign,Christmas Decorations, and lots of stocking stuffer candy.  Spencer wanted AZ logo things so we had lapel pins, and a small AZ flag.  We sent Peanut Butter, Big and Sexy Hair Gel (thanks Gma! enough to last the rest of his mission), Tide to go sticks, Butterfingers, and of course what would be a Christmas package without Homemade Carmels and Puppy Chow (Crispx, Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Powdered Sugar).  I included a few pictures of Christ, current pictures of everyone, and had everyone in the family write him a letter.  It's hard to know what to send to your missionary, but he was happy with what he got this year.

In his last email, I had mentioned to him about going to LDS Business College or BYU-I.  Before he left, he was set on going to Idaho.  He has never liked cold weather, and after being Honduras for a year, he thought he didn't want to live in the snow.  But I think I have convinced him to go to Idaho again.  So we have to stay on top of things to get him in for January of next year.

Enjoy the email.... 

 Hey mom and everyone,

This week was pretty cool.  So we were going to have our Christmas party on Thursday but they changed it for Wednesday. So on Tuesday we had to end our day early and go stay with one of the dl's in San Lorenzo. But what sucked is a storm came in and the lights went out in the entire department of Valle, so it was dark when we got there. We stayed 6 in one house with only 2 mattresses. So I shared a mattress with Elder Edwards. And these mattresses are twin. Didn’t sleep well. And at 4 am we had to get up and get ready to be put on the Pan-American Highway at 530 for the bus to pass and pick us up from Monjaras.

So we got to the city and had a musical devotional and after, before lunch we got to go to the temple. After 1 year of being in the country I finally went to the temple. Next week I’ll send the pics. After, we had the best dinner/lunch I have had in my mission or will ever have. We had a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and Caesar salad. After, they let us play and we got to play basketball. It was so much fun. Then after, the mission gave us a gift. They were mini Preach My Gospels. And yes I got my package. It is so freaking awesome. The only thing that I have to complain about it was the flag. When I said flag I was hoping for one that when we have conferences in the mission we could get the AZ kids together and take a pic with it, something that you would put out side of the house. But other than that, it so freaking awesome. The back pack I love and the little flag pins that is awesome. It already put the AZ and USA pin on my jacket. 

Umm for right now I’m trying to get hold of a phone and I’ll give you guys a call like Saturday or Sundayish so we can take care of all of that. 

You do have a point about the BYU thing it sounds goods. I’ll go there. I just don’t know what I need to do to get in. 

Ok, so for the shirts that you sent. The 16 and half is perfect. But now here comes the joke.  So the very day I took it out. We were with a member and his nonmember wife and their 3 yr. old girl and she wanted to be thrown up in the air. And after like 3 times she threw up on me, haha. But I got the stain out so we are all good. But I will tell you a better story next week what happened that same day haha. 

Love you guys 

Elder Spencer Olsen 

Oh and changes are this Thursday.  

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