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Dec 31, 2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR

Hey mom and everyone,

Well man did I have a new years day haha.

So to start off... after Tuesday was over we got back to real missionary work. It was a tough week this week. So this is one of the very few areas in the mission that has bikes. So with De Leon we would always go everywhere on the bike and I would always tell him that I used more energy on the bike and that we shouldn’t use them haha. Man was I wrong. Right now my companion doesn’t know how to ride a bike. So we have been walking everywhere. Man I am really getting tired a lot quicker haha.

But my comp is doing good. He is just right now trying to get the feel for the mission. He some times goes a little too in depth of the things that we teach and doesn’t know how to put together the lesson and stay on track but we are working it out hahaha. I just think about when I got here and I couldn’t even speak Spanish haha. But we are doing great. He is just really, really obedient. But we are trying to break him in to the mission Honduras Tegucigalpa haha.

So my new years man probably the worst I have ever had haha. So it started that nothing was open so we didn’t do anything it the zone. So we decided to go to Nacaome and get out money out for the 15 days. So right when we are out waiting for the bus my Branch Pres. passes us and was headed the same way, so he gave us a ride. So when we got there, there was only one ATM that worked and had like 30 people long. So we ended up driving to San Lorenzo to see there and we got in. So I get the rent put into my account at the beginning of every month and so I had an extra 3000 limps in my account and so I have 5300 limps in my account and you can only take out 4000 a time and we have bank of America and they take 50 limps for every time I withdraw so I have to wait to take out money till Thursday. The super market was also sooooo full and we couldn’t but anything. So then we went back to Nacaome and nothing worked out there either. So we went to go each lunch and we were there and it was all good and I took a pic of one of the guys we were with and when we left I forgot to grab my camera. And I lost it. It sucked.

So last night we had a few people that we ate with tamales and what not and when we got home I just told my comp I think that would make me happy to stay awake and greet the new year so I stayed up till 1 am waiting for the new year. Man alive can they do new years here. So that make these big like scare crow doll and they fill it with a bunch of fire works. So at 12am they burn the doll and it’s just an explosion of fire works. I couldn’t even hear myself. It was awesome.

Well l I love you guys hope everything is going well.

Elder Spencer Olsen 

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