Sunday, September 30, 2012

Danli Sept 24, 2012 No Letter, Just Pictures

This week, Spencer's 1st email came around 1:20 pm.  That was earlier than usual.  And the email only consisted to 3 pictures with captions.  So I waited and waited and waited and no letter came.  So I was happy to just get the pictures that I did.  What great pictures they were though.  This is the boy that he talked about last week, and what a great picture of his companion Elder Caal.  He is so little and remember, he is from Guatemala.  He probably won't be with him too much longer.  What a bond and friendship they have made.

 this is the baptism i think he is going to be a great member

 Me and Elder Caal on Sunday in our coats
 yo solo me alone

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