Sunday, September 30, 2012

Danli Sept 17, 2012 Iginio's Hot Dog

We have owned rental property in a Hispanic community for several years, and our manager, Iginio now has a hot dog stand.  We were at his place one night and they offered Allan a hot dog.  He had bacon wrapped hot dogs with all the fixings.  It was very tasty.  We had to send a picture to Spencer and of course he got a kick out of it.  Spencer also explained about the phone call.  He is so funny.

Spencer's Dad Allan making a hot dog at our apartment at Iginio's, our manager.

Those pics of Iginio are really funny cuz I see those all over the place and they put a crap load of stuff on them. Ya so that whole thing yesterday I couldn’t believe that that member did that. His name is José Espinosa. He is a real prankster. He is a way cool guy and they are the family that gives us the best food all week long. Ya so what happened was people always seem to have like 2 phones because there are 2 major cell companies here, Calro and Tigo, and to call the states is really cheap. So what I did is I had one of his phones and put the home phone number in and said I wonder what my mom would do if I called here right now as a joke. So he asked me for my number I thought he was just kidding but he really did it. That’s why when you answered I was really shocked. I almost let you hang up but. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, hahaha.

But this week was normal. We did have stake conference and they mainly just talked about the temple and being on time, because this is Latin America plus Mormon time these people always start late. So we will see how that goes, hahaha. But it’s crazy how fast the time goes. There is only 2 weeks left in this change. I can’t believe it.

So the few questions. We take both taxi and bus. When we go to our far areas there are some places that the taxis go to but to get to a place to Jacaleapa we have to take the bus or if we are tired because the lady that  washes our clothes lives like a 20 minute walk from our house. So depends on what we are doing that day. We will sometimes take a taxi so it all just depends. But just imagine this about the taxis -the worse little cars in the world that nothing on the dashboard works and they are all manual. The buses are all school buses.

But this next week we are going to have a baptism. The kids name is Ricardo. He is a cool kid. When we were in charge of that other area, a member brought him to church, and then we found out that he was part of another ward. But before that one Sunday he showed up to church by himself and asked us if we could talk privately, and we thought he was going to tell us something bad he did or something like that. But he basically was like, so I really feel good here, when can I get baptize?  He wanted us almost to fill up the font right then and there to baptize him. But we told him that we had to teach him a few things and he would be good to go. So we ended up having to pass him to the other missionaries. Then a week ago he came to our building on his own again and said that he wanted us to teach him and wanted to go to our ward so we are going to baptize him this coming week.

Today in the morning we did our first hike to a place called Piedra de Piwis. It was one of the hardest hikes I have ever done. When we got to the actual mountain it was just a strait up mud path all the way up so it made it really hard, but a lot of fun. I got a few pics of that I’ll get you a pic of that other stuff next week.

But I’m doing good. Doing the best I can, trying to be as humble and patient as I can. I love you all keep working hard.

Elder Spencer Olsen

ps. so the other day I found some new shoes. They are Rockport shoes from an American store I got them for 500 limps. But I’m running a little low on pisto (money). If you could send me some money and let me know about it next week and also send how much I have in my bank account that would be awesome.

The Circus is in Town
Jacaleapa at sun set

here is one of the high school band just for mitchell. highland would probably be world champs hahaha

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