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August 27, 2012, Danli NO CHANGES!!! and no Pictures!

Well, Spencer didn't get transferred.  He was disappointed but he has some baptisms coming up so that helps the discouragement.  There was an earthquake last week in the ocean near El Salvador.  I was curious if he felt it so I asked him....

Enjoy Reading!

Hey mom and everyone 

Ok to start off... NO I DID NOT HAVE CHANGES!!!!! When we called the zls (Zone Leaders) we asked who all had changes and they basically said everyone but you. So I’m still here in Danli. I think that this is one of those God wants me to learn patience kind of tests. On Saturday at about 9:30pm or so my neighbor comes and tells me that I have to give a talk. I have less than 12 hours to get a talk ready when as missionaries we have to go to bed at 1030, so it was even less time than that.  And then when I tried to call him he had his phones turned off and wasn’t at home. But I’m alive. I killed it in my talk. This is the second one I have given here, so what I did is basically just give the talk I gave last time but just a little more intense and in a different order.

But other than that, I’m good hahahahaha. But there is some cool stuff going on in Danli. There is a corn festival going on right now so they have all kinds of cool things. People from all over Central America come to sell stuff super cheap. I bought 2 jerseys the other day for 40 limps each. So if you could do me a huge favor that before Wednesday that there is at least 50 bucks in my account so that I can go buy you guys Christmas presents because there are some really cool Honduran things that I want to get for you guys. So I’m just going to trust that you guys are going to put it in and at about Wednesday at 11am I’m going to take out that money :D thanks I love hahaha. 

The one thing that could happen is there is a missionary that goes home on the 30th of this month so I’m hoping that I have mini changes that day. But any way. So the big thing around here is about the photos is that I have just been here for so long I have sent you everything I have done here. I’m really trying to use my camera but it’s just hard to take out. And this morning I didn’t realize that the battery was dead but I do have a few to send you so for sure there will be pics next week I promise. And the family did get baptized those pics are coming too. 

In all honesty the food situation is good I always have a little bit of bean rice and tortilla every day in well but if you would also like to send me some money so I can make stuff to cook in the house that would be awesome. hahaha man I really want money hahaha. 

What earthquake??? I didn’t feel anything. We are on the opposite side of Honduras over by Nicaragua like I’m pretty sure the boarder of Nicaragua is about an hour from here in my zone hahah-. 

Hmm so about those kids on Monday morning last week we called pres and got permission to go over there with the sisters because that is their area. so we set up with some members to go out there and the lady that brings them so we are going to go visit just about all of them on Friday. There are at least 2 that a for sure baptisms. So it should be really good stuff. 

Oh ya Tarver is a cool kid.  He was my dl (District Leader) last change so we talked a lot. He is one of my best friends in the mission currently. Oh and the other missionary from Queen Creek, still haven’t gotten his number yet but I’ll work on that this week. He has all of your  info so I don’t know why he hasn’t gotten in touch with you guys yet. 

Any ways I’m doing great. Doing what I can to survive here. Just doing my thing. I love you guys 

Elder Spencer Olsen   

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