Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 3, 2012 Still in Danli Corn Festival

Sorry, but there still are no pictures.  Elder Olsen promises some next week.  I sure hope so!

Hey mom and everyone,

Ya this is really getting interesting out here. This last week was the corn festival and it was crazy. Just imagine the dirt mall in Mexico that we go to but like times 50. It was unreal. I ended up getting everyone a little something for Christmas so it should be good. But I didn’t take pics of it. Just remember mom I’m not in the states. People steal a lot more often especially when they are gringos. So it really isn’t that often that I take out my camera. But next week, send me a list of stuff you want and I’ll get pics of it this week. I'll get you the ones of my house, my chapel, and the internet I go to.

So one of the things the ward does is a ward family home evening with a different member every week. So they did it at the house of the new family that we just baptized. They live about 20 minutes outside of Danli. So there were about 30 people that were going and we had 3 cars, hahah, one little car, an SUV and a truck. So all the ym &yw got in the SUV and we couldn’t go in there and another family got in the little car so there was just the truck left and so they told us to have the ym &w go in the bed of the truck but no one would go and we asked to kick the kids out. We explained like 6 times that we can’t go in the bed of the truck only in the cabin.  So the lady and her daughter that was in the car got out and got in the bed.  But in all honesty I am really ready to get out of here. The next time we have changes will be 10 days before I complete one year in the mission so it shall be pretty interesting if I stay or not.

But anyway... umm it was a great week. We found a family that was a reference from a member of another ward but the only issue is that the member wants to take this family with her to her ward, because what the old stake president told to everyone that if they were renting that they could go to whatever ward they felt good in. So there are people from all over the place. It’s not even where people live. It’s where they feel like going. So it’s kind of hard to work with references because the people always want their friends to go with them to their ward and not where they actually live. It’s a little frustrating with that. But the family is really positive. They are Honduran so they are obviously not married. They just live together and call themselves husband and wife. So that will be kind of fun trying to convince them that they need to get married, but I think we can do it.

But we are doing really great. Me and my comp are doing great we don’t fight. I thought if I was with him for this amount of time something might happen but we are both relaxed people. There are only small things that bug me about him but I just get over them. It’s whatever most of the time.  I promise I will get you like at least 15 pics for next week I love you guys. I’m doing the best I can to stay focused and do all I can to be the best missionary I can be.

I love and miss you guys with all my heart

ELDER Spencer Olsen

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