Monday, October 8, 2012

October 1, 2012 Last Week in Danli?

Hey mom and everyone 

Well, for me this week has been just a normal week. It’s just a little different now. It’s sometime hard to want to go out and find people because I might be leaving on Wednesday. But there is nothing special. We have a few dates set but I won’t be there for them. 

So there is something up with the email I tried to send you last week. The system doesn’t want to send it and I have 8 photos attached to it for you its weird. So for sure you will get like 15 photos next week. 

Umm but I’m excited for combios this week it should be way awesome. I’m excited to get to know another part of Honduras. I really want to go to a place call Launge (Langy). It is Where Danny and Lanny moved to after Monjaras, and I want to finish the work I started on. But anywhere right now would be fine. 

Ok so I emailed grandpa a month ago but I’ll try again and I literally just remembered what grandmas email is so ill will wet those sent out really soon they are just really starting to come down on the hour thing to write people. So I’ll try to get everything off in the next week or so. 

I love everyone I’m doing the best I can 

Elder Spencer Olsen

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