Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012 He's been Changed-San Lorenzo

So I had to wait all day for Spencer's email and boy is it exciting!  Read and you will find out why.  For those of you that are new to Spencer's blog, he worked really hard to get a little family baptized in his first area in Monjaras.  If you get confused about this letter, go back to his posts in February to find out what it's all about.  What a way to celebrate your first year in the mission!  Pictures to come next week!

Hey mom and everyone,

I hope you told all those from that side of the family I say hi and that I’m doing really good. 

Any way... hoy si papa!!!!!!! I had changes I got sent back to the south but it is not Choluteca. It’s a place called San Larenzo. So before I tell you about my area, there is a story and a miracle that happened with my changes. So I don’t know if you guys remember about Dani and Lani the couple I was trying to divorce in Monjaras. So the missionaries that went in after me continued with everything but at the end they didn’t end up getting baptized. So I kept in a little contact with them and found out they ended up in Langue in May while I was still in Danli. So where they ended up moving to was one of the areas in the zone I’m in right now. 

So on Tuesday we got home and the zls didn’t want to tell us where we were going and who were the missionaries that were coming. But I did know that I did have changes. So than at about 10pm they finally told us, and they told me that I was going to go to Langue en San Larenzo. And that happened to be the place where Dani and Lani moved too!! I told the dl not to play with me cuz I had told a few people that I want to go to this area, but I couldn’t remember if I had told him or not. So I told him to not play with me. But it ended up being true. So the name of my area is called Langue. It is in the middle of nowhere. It is a small branch of about 40 people. And the branch president is a very timid man his wife basically runs the branch. 

But this place is really cool it reminds me a lot of Monjaras just a little more out of the city. To get to district meeting we have to take 2 buses and it takes about an hour to get there to makes sure that we can get there by about 830 or so we need to take the bus at about 7am so we have to wake up a little earlier then everyone else. 

So the big thing that kind of sucked about this week is that is that we got out to the south at about 5pm or so and the elders that are in the area next to us that we have to pass through are opening the area so my new comp had to show them where a few people live so we had to stay there. And then on Thursday we had to go to the main city San Lorenzo, and we had district meeting and ate lunch so I didn’t get to my area until 2pm on Thursday. We worked all that day and Friday. But on Saturday we had a baptism of a mom and her daughter and we had to go to this place called Nacaome which is the font closest to us. And after we had to go to SL to go watch conference with all the others and then on Sunday we got back to Nacaome and me and my comp were on divisions so I could watch conference in English. (I did have to watch the 1st session in Spanish but it was way cool to hear what is going to happen with the whole missionary ages.) And when I got back to Nacaome I found out that my comp had gone back with one of the ym to my area to confirm that lady and her daughter. So he wasn’t there on Sunday so I had to wait for him. So I basically I have only spent like a day and a half in my new area. 

But it is a huge miracle that I am here because I’m going to finish the work I started nearly 8 months ago. I don’t have much time so next week is just probably going to be pics I hope that ok. and by the way the next time I write you guys I will have less than a year left in the mission. But who’s counting hahahahaha. 

Well I love you and I’m doing good 

Elder Spencer Olsen

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