Friday, August 2, 2013

July 22, 2013 El Triunfo - Good News! Pres Hernandez

Hey Mom dad and everyone,

Well let’s see. On Wednesday we had interviews with president. It was really good. When him and his wife got there they gave a little lesson about how we can be better missionaries. It was really good. We did the out side of some missionaries house here in the zone it was really kind of weird. So after the lesson we had pres interviewed me first because we had to catch a bus later. Man when he sat down and I said the prayer he told me how much time I had in the south and he thought that’s how much time I had in the mission which is 13 months and then I had to tell him that I actually had 21 months in the mission and after he told that he was going to find me a good spot in Tegus hahaha. He even wrote it in his note book that he had with him so it’s almost a guarantee that I go to Tegus in this change which is tomorrow. So I’ll let you guys know next week what happens.

So that pic with the brownies where the brownies that you sent to me in March. I made them for my district and Comstock was there to work with the Zl’s cuz he is one of the APs. It was a lot of fun. I promised my district at the beginning of the change that I would do them and he just lucked out by coming down to the south. I have that pic too.

Let’s see so I did the coolest thing this last week. So when I got done with my interviews my comp went and then the ZL went and when he went at the end Pres. gave him 2000L to go get lunch for the entire zone. So I went with him with Sis Hernandez and she couldn’t pull the car out from the gate where they were at and so the ZL I went with didn’t have his license so she let me try to pull the car out and I did it. And so she drove us to Wendy’s and we got all the food. So when we left she let me drive. Now you have to realize that I haven’t driven a car in almost 2 years. It was so awesome. So at the end of the story I got to drive President’s car which is a thing that not everyone gets to do. It was so awesome.

So with investigators there really wasn’t anything that happened. Man I hope I can get have a good story for you next week. I hope everything is going good I love you guys.

Elder Spencer Olsen 

Here we are with pres and Hna Hernandez

Here is my brownie pic

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