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Aug 13, 2013 Tegucigalpa New Suit

Hey mom dad and everyone

Well let’s see.... Well there are 9 weeks till I get home. I am sooooo excited. It’s really interesting being the source of Spanish in the companionship. Elder Head is great he just worries way too much about everything. When I 1st got here he was all worried that we weren’t many lessons because he had to find new inv. But now that we have some good ones he is nervous that even though we are teaching the lessons really well we aren’t baptizing. Patience Elder, patience.

So last night we had an appointment with an older lady named Rosa. We have been teaching her for about 2 weeks now, and we had a date of baptism for her for the 17th of this month. So we had a fhe with her and her daughter who is a member. We watched the 30 minute video of the restoration. It went over great with the video. So after the video we stared to talk to her a little bit more about Joseph Smith. Then I had the idea to ask her if she had had the time to read the BOM since we had left it with her. She told us no and asked why we focused so much in the BOM. So we explained to her that it is the keystone to the religion. And she said that she still didn’t have the desire to be baptized. So we told her that her answer was in the book. So we finished up she seemed a little disinterested in what we were talking about. So we left and Elder Head just felt like we weren’t doing anything good. That Hna Rosa doesn’t want to keep her commitments. So it has been kind of hard for him but we are getting there.

So this week was crazy I have been all over Tegus. So on Tuesday I went on divisions with my Zl’s. I went with Elder Oveson. Now that Tarver has left he has become my best friend in the mish hahaha. So the 1st thing we did was go and get suits. But they aren’t just suits from a department store. They are hand made suits. It was unbelievable how fast he did them as well. He had them ready for us in 2 days. It was sooooo awesome. And the señors wife made us pillow cases for free and they are so awesome especially that I needed one hahaha. Then we went and got lunch with one of Elder Oveson converts that had just received his mission call to El Salvador. So that was way cool. Then we went to the office to go say good bye to 2 missionaries that were headed home the next day. Then we went and ran some other errands and then went back to the area and finished the day and went and got Little Caesars. Hahaha it was the funnest day I have had in a long time.

Man this is getting really routine hahaha. I don’t live the Coca Cola Mountain. That’s on the other side of the city. But I can see it every now and again so it’s cool. We are trying to get our Zl’s to ask pres to get permission to go to Pikachu. It’s the chirtus that is here in the city. And got to a place called Valle de Angles and there is a really cool water fall out there. So we are trying to set that all up. You guys will have to come down here eventually just to see how it is. We will have to let the elections pass and then we could come down in a year or so. The one cool thing is that I can see the temple from my front door across the valley. It’s way cool at night all light up.

And the ACT stuff that’s cool I just need money in my account there is none so if you could do that I will sign myself up. But everything is going great. Just 64 days till I get home and I can’t wait. But I’m doing great, and about the talk I want to do it the Sunday I get home to get it over with. It will give me something to do while I’m on the plane hahahahaha.

Elder Spencer Olsen 

This is the guy who did my suit his name is Ivan Lopez

We had to go look for him back here hahaha

Looking Good!

Saying good by to Hermana. She went home.

Tegucigalpa Primary

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