Monday, August 19, 2013

Aug 5, 2013 Tegucigalpa Area/Companion

Hello Mom Dad and everyone,

Well this week was just another in the mish. It had been really interesting to be with a gringo 24/7. He has 5 months and is really big time worried about everything. The big thing is his Spanish. He speaks great for his time, he just gets down cuz everyone’s says that I speak like a Latin and that he still sounds like a gringo. I try to tell him that he speaks fine, but he doesn’t fell like it’s that great. But he will soon learn that he does fine. I love him though. I have a great time with him. It’s so much fun speaking English, but sometimes I miss speaking Spanish.

So on Thursday I went on Divisions in my area and we had just a kind of bad time. The big part of the time we go to houses just to have citas fall. It’s awful. So the same thing happened that day. But we did eat some great food out of this little garage eatery. But before all of that, we went to a sister in my wards moms’ house to go to talk with her. So we got talking just small talk with her for like 15 minutes.  Then it went a little quiet, so I started the lesson. And right as we were going to start she started to talk about that she was married. I got really excited, but then she said he was dead and said that they had been married civilly and I had to explain to her that I was so excite about that she had been married civilly is because no one in the south gets married. And that by being married civilly she could be sealed to him even though he was dead. So the plan when we got there was to teach the restoration but when she started talking about that, we decide to teach the plan of salvation. It was so awesome. We explained all about the temple and what not and she really liked that. I have never been very good at teaching that lesson but man that lesson went so well. So the missionary I was with at this time he asked this sister whose name is Rosa what she is willing to do to be able to make it to the celestial kingdom. And I had previously in the lesson explained to get in to paradise you had to be baptized. And she said that she was willing to get baptized and asked how she could do that. It was sooooo freaking awesome. The spirit was super strong so we challenged her for the 17th of this month. We have our next visit with her tomorrow, and so we will see how she is doing.

WE have gotten a lot of references since I got here and they had me give a talk in sacrament meeting and talked about missionary work with the members. So we started working with them. It’s kind of hard cuz people aren’t always there or they don’t want anything. But we are working hard. I’m getting really excited for this area I wish I had just a little bit more time then 2 changes here but we will see. I can’t wait till things get really good.

I love you all

Elder Spencer Olsen

5 Tegus Elder Head.jpg

  Elder Head and Elder Olsen in their Apartment

 6 Tegus Sleepy Elder.jpg

Elder Head taking a siesta at a member's house

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