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July 29, 2013 Honduras Temple

Hey mom dad and everyone,

You have no idea how ready I am to get home. So on Monday my comp had to go to Tegus to get his residency so I stayed in Choluteca with a missionary named Elder Bruce. He is really cool. He is from Orville Cali. So we ended up having to leave Sunday afternoon to be in Cholu so my comp could go to Tegus. And they didn’t get back to till Tuesday in the morning. And we didn’t have to be in Triunfo till the afternoon on Tuesday. So what we did is we did divisions so my comp could write his family and I went and said goodbye to everyone that I could. Even if it was for just a little bit of time. It was really bittersweet.

So my comp was put to train this change, so we had to be in the city at 9 in the morning and we had the alarm set for 3am. But we woke up late at 6am. And then we didn’t leave Triunfo till 7am and man it was just a huge mess. The bus broke down on us about an hour and a half from the city and we luckily caught another. We didn’t get to the change chapel until like 1230. So we got everything arranged so my comp could go back to the south cuz the bus for the missionaries had already left. The cool thing is that I am in the city now and didn’t have to take a bus to get to my area.

So my new comp is Elder Head. He is from Utah. He is my second gringo of my mission. He has 4 months in his mission. I am his 2nd comp. He is really fun. He is easy to make fun of so I have a lot of fun with him. He doesn’t speak very well yet. And so he gets a little upset at times when members say how good my Spanish is. But for his time he speaks very well. I’m having a great time.

My zone is called Gyamuras. It’s really, really rich. But our area has the poorest and most dangerous neighborhood in the mission. Just a little bit of it. Not all of it. It’s really weird that they put 2 gringos together in this area is kind of scary but it seems solid for right now.

The bishop is out of work and has nothing to do, but he wants to help.
It’s so awesome to be in a city for the 1st time in the mission. We had 110 people in church yesterday. And when we got there they asked me to give a talk because one of the people that was supposed to give it didn’t show up. It was whatever hahaha.

Oh going down the hill from my house you can see the temple at a distance. It’s so awesome all lite up at night. On Friday night we went to the temple with the zone with everyone’s investigators. It was really cool. We explained what happens in the temple and why we do it. It was so awesome.

From what I understand they didn’t split Triunfo, and I have no idea about the old branch pres. but I feel like we were really making progress with him. But we will see what happens with him.

The apartment is cool. It is has 3 divions. The living room in front, a small kitchen, and the bedroom and obviously a bathroom. There is a water heater on the shower head but it stopped working about a week before I got there. So I heat up water on the stove while I study. But other than that it’s tight. My area is all hills and stairs. It sucks climbing them all day. But maybe I’ll finally get a butt hahahahaha.

Well I’ll try to write a little more next week. Still getting to know the area so we will see how it goes. I love you all. Cant wait to get home. Its crazy how little time I have left

Elder Spencer Olsen

 Waiting for the bus to pass to pick us up when the 1st one broke down

Here I am with my new comp elder head at the temple oh ya I forgot to mention he is a gringo

 Spencer's Zone at the Honduras Temple

This is the family Caceres so you can finally know them

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