Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 El Triunfo ACT Test

So I have some explaining to do with this post.  Spencer only has 3 months.  He wants to attend BYU Idaho where his sister is at.  He didn't take his ACT test in high school and he has to take it to get accepted into BYU I.  He was given permission by his Mission Pres. to study and take the test down there.  There is an American School that he can take it down there.  We are going to register him for the test in Sept so that if he doesn't do well on it, he can retake at the end of October when he gets home.  He should be fine, but it's a little nerve racking!  Leave it to Spencer to have to do things the hard way.  

Also, the church has changed their policy for missionaries using backpacks anymore.  They no longer want missionaries to use backpacks, but to use Shoulder Bags.  They feel that backpacks are't professional enough. I have just found this out this past week after I purchased a nice backpack for our new missionary.  The packet was not clear about that.  So now Connor will have to mail home the new backpack and we will have send him a shoulder bag.  I told Spencer in his email that he will be getting a new backpack and he likes that idea.  

And lastly, no pictures this week.

Hey mom dad and everyone. 
Wow in all honesty I do not know what to tell you guys anymore.  It really is the same thing day after day hahaha. I'm not saying that its boring, but I just don't know what to tell you guys anymore. 
The whole area split won’t happen until changes. so I have no idea, I imagine so. There are a lot of people coming. But we will see. About that whole backpack thing I haven't heard that. I imagine that it was something his Mission Pres. just recently put into effect. There has never been a rule like that out here. But cool I get a cool new backpack hahaha. Every month my Mission Pres comes out with new rules. They must of just had zone conference or something like that and he come out with that rule. 
Well about the ACT that's awesome. I have been studying almost everyday. I bought a calculator last week and that has been helping a lot. And that's what I'm basically doing. The good thing is it’s all explained in the back. So just let me know for when you sign me up for the test so I can be ready for it. 
Man I really don't know what to tell you this week. it was such a boring week that I didn't even take one pic hahaha. 
Hmm... I wish I had something tell you guys but I just don't have anything. hahaha
man its just been trying to get new investigators lately. 
The really hard thing about trying to teach families here is that it is sooo close to the border of Nicaragua that a lot of people have moved and stayed in Honduras and so lot of people get together. That is what has happened with one of the families we have right now. They are old investigators from about a year or so ago and some member told us about them. So about a week ago we went over to talk to them. They seem very interested but we will see how they work out. Well I have interviews this week so ill have some answers for you about everything. I love you guys ill try to write some more next week love you guys 
Elder Spencer Olsen

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