Monday, July 15, 2013

July 8, 2013 El Triunfo Dessert

Hey mom dad and everyone. 
So man this week has been honestly really boring hahaha. Not much has really happened. With the whole Tegus thing I have absolutely no clue. We don't have interviews till the 17th so ill be asking president about that. I have over a year in the south so I have no idea what can happen. I love the south I love Cholu but man I'm just sooo tired of traveling soooo much. 
In all honesty it was really boring. My comp is a little difficult to get out of the house on time and when we are at members houses its really hard to get him to leave. So I just feel like we waste a lot of time some times. But we are starting to get some new people. We put down 2 dates for the 20 of this month but one of them has to get married and I don't think it will be able to be that fast so we will see how that all works out. 
I got an email from Kevin today that was way cool I cant believe that he  is already home. Man how fast things go. My age group is the ones getting home and Connor’s is going into the MTC. 
So this last week we went back out with the old branch Pres. But what we decided to do is go out there with out the current Pres. and that worked out really well. There was a lot of things that he could express with us when the branch Pres. was with us. we found out about a lot of stuff that is hard to believe would happen in the church unless you were here. But what he did tell us his 18 year old son wants to go on a mission. But he wasn't there when we went so what we are going to do is go back out on Wednesday and talk to them. The hard thing for them is that it is 14 limps just to get to church on Sunday. So that mean 28 a person but we talked to him on Friday to see if we could help him out but you know it is real difficult for these people to rack up a buck fifty just to go to church its really sad to see this happen. 
Last night my Zl's asked if they needed to split my area and put more missionaries out here. So I had to end up talking to the AP’s about it. What I told them is that it would help a lot but then what could happen is that the missionaries should take over the branch presidency. And if that happens I think I might finish my mission here in Triunfo. But I have no clue.
Well thank you for all the help I love you guys I'm doing my best. I hope everything is going good. just 3 short months away. 
Elder Spencer Olsen

 The baptism we had last week on Monday. His name is Jonis Varela 

 This is a dessert that I have been waiting for over 16 months since I was with Carter in Monjaras. 
I’ll explain that story later.

 Here is me and my comp goofing off before we leave.

Family night with a few member families

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