Monday, July 15, 2013

July 1, 2013 El Triunfo Missionary Conference

Hey mom dad and everyone,
Man I have been thinking that Kevin and Darin are already home all week. hahahahaha. Man it’s so crazy that its getting to be our turn to start coming home that's so crazy. My friends are 21 years old. It blows my mind.
Well lets see... this week was just a normal week. We have been trying to work a lot more with the members so we went to almost all of their houses this last week., trying to find new people to teach. A lot of the members have been saying that they don't have friends that are interested. But we got a few good references, but we will see how they pan out.
We also had district conference and the district that I'm in is called the Monjaras district hahaha. Yesterday I got to see almost everyone from Monjaras. It was so awesome. There were was one lady I knew there that was pregnant when I was there and now she has a son that walks. It’s soo crazy how things change when you aren't in a place for a year or even 2 hahaha.
So on Thursday we went to a place called Guasaule the border town with Nicaragua to see if we could help some of the members here in Triunfo about 3 years ago. They have gone a little inactive and we were trying to see if they would get up the strength to got to the conference on Sunday. They didn't go, but I think we can do some good work with the 20 inactive members that live out there.
The really cool thing about the district conference was we got a baptism for it. So Pres. Hernandez was there and his talk was awesome and also Sister Hernandez. They talked about their children and their baptisms and I think it really touched the heart of one of the investigators. We had there named Yonnis. He is the grandson of the last baptism we had named Rosa. After we got home from Choluteca we went home and studied for a little bit and at 4 we went to his house and we were talking to him about it and he asked us when the next time we were going to have a baptismal service and he told us that he wanted to get baptized today at 20am(?). So we got the Zl's to go out and we had a great service this morning. He even was headed to the church when we were headed to his house. It was awesome.
Well I have to get going I think I might miss the last bus to my area hahaha, so ill talk to you guys next week. Good luck Connor just going to knock out his best 2 years in the good old North Argentina. Love you guys
Elder Spencer Olsen
pics coming next week

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