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June 24, 2013 El Triunfo

Ok, so it's been a while since I have updated Spencer Blog.  Sorry, I was a little busy.  Our daughter and son in law came to visit, we went out of town with the family, we finished getting our second son ready to enter the MTC, we took him to the MTC, and then I spent 11 days in Idaho at my daughter's helping her get ready for her baby to come.  There is also a change to Spencer's blog.  So we now have two existing blogs under one account.  The account will only let us have one Scripture, so I choose to change Spencer's to Connor's since we've been seeing Spencer's for 21 months.  I wanted Connor's blog up and running, so I made the executive decision.  Sorry Spencer.  Enjoy this next post.

Hey Mom dad and everyone,
Well lets see... It’s funny that you ask me if I'm busier as a DL. This week I wasn't in my area for like 4 days hahaha. On Monday we were here in Choluteca, we had Tuesday and Wednesday to work, Thursday I had district meeting in Cholu again, Friday there was a DL/ZL council in Tegus that I had to go to so I slept in Cholu.
So on Friday we had to go to Tegus at 5am to make it on time to get to the meeting on time. We were there because there are so many new Elders in the mission. Right now there are 34 Zl's 35 DL's and 6 sisters that are leaders. So we are 75 leaders in the mission plus the 2 APs. So we were there all day. It was a really good meeting. President really speaks with power. He always makes me want to be a better missionary. So when we got out of the meeting is was already 4pm and there was no way I was getting back to my area so we had to stay with the other DL in my zone.  Just so that you remember everything I do out here is in Spanish. When I stayed in the other DL's house, he is Latin and his comp is as well and my comp is too. So I have to speak nothing but Spanish with them. So we woke up on Saturday and went back to my area and worked for the day, and then on Sunday we went to church, a normal day but at 2 o'clock we had to go to Cholu again so that we could make it to the broadcast. Man that was soooo awesome it was amazing. I really liked it all. All that technology things that Elder Perry talked about. Man that is going to take a long time to get down here. We don't even have cell phones out here so we will see when we are going to be able to get all that stuff. Not in my mission life.
Man.... this is getting crazy. I am coming up on 21 months. My comp is cool. He is from a richer part of Guatemala so we have a lot of similarities so that's really nice. We have just 2 weeks together so we are still getting to know each other. But we are doing good. With the kid who had problems, I talked to Pres. and he told me the kid had to wait 3 months before he can get things taken care of so that is a little frustrating. But we are going to see if we can do it a little earlier but we will have to see. 
Chimcurri is really good. I love that stuff. if its the same as they do it in Guatemala. It’s a cream and onion sauce that is really good. 
Man I can’t wait to get home,  and I can’t wait for you guys to come down here. It will be a lot of fun but you still need to convince dad to go to Raton so we can go scuba diving. Well I'm doing solid just 3 AND A HALF MONTHS LEFT.  I love you all 
Elder Spencer Olsen Anderson   

this is miliedy (milady) we were at a FHE and they pied here hahaha
(Do you think he meant they peed here?  That"s what I thought)

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