Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 17, 2013 El Triunfo Spencer's a District Leader!

This was the first week that I forgot to write to Spencer.  I didn't really forget, it was just a crazy week.  We had been go for the week to California.  We got home late Sunday night and I was tired when I climbed into bed.  I was going to write when I got up on Monday.  But I forgot that we were helping a friend move first thing Monday morning.  So when I got home from that, I was doing some computer work and remembered that I hadn't written to him.  Just as I was finishing my computer work, I got Spencer's email.  Luckily, we were able to email back and forth for a little while.  It was fun.

Dear mom dad and everyone

Well lets see.... lets start off with I cant believe that you forgot to write me. But whatever the past is the past. 
Let’s see, so starting the week on Tuesday we just chilled in the house till about 3pm because my comp had changes and we had to got to Choluteca to stay the night to be able to make the bus that goes to Tegus for changes. So we left and dropped off my comp’s stuff at the Zl's house and went out and spent the afternoon with Elder Clawson and his comp. They both had changes so they had to stay in Cholu as well. So we went to Wendy's for dinner and there was a Honduras selection game on so we went to the 1st half. Then we went back to the Zl's house to be able to get our changes so we waited till 930 and the Zl's never showed up. So I had to call them, and they told me that Elder Torres was going to a place called Via Viejas which is a super hilly area and he has a hard time climbing and going to hills so we will see how he does. and I got a new comp his name is elder Garcia he is from Guatemala City actually from the mission Taylor is going to which is kind of cool. And I got made District Leader so I'm really excited about that.
Wednesday they wouldn't let me and my new comp go to changes and a lot of our friends from the mish went home that day so it kind of sucked. So what we did instead is we just went back to the area so we could get a few investigators ready for their baptism on Saturday. On Friday we had them interviewed and everything. We had the baptism on Saturday. Everything went well on Saturday and on Sunday.
But other then that everything is going great I love you guys just 4 months left 
Elder Spencer Olsen 
here are the young mens and women oif my branch 
 here are our 3 baptisms the older lady her name is rosa the little girl her name is miliedi 
and the guys name is david 
me with a new bro named Lester. He is the son of a convert of my last comp 
this is my new comp Elder Garcia

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