Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 10, 2013 El Triunfo Temple Trip

Hey Mom Dad and everyone,

Man that sounds like an all of a sudden trip hahaha. I cant wait to go.

Man well this week was cool. We went to Choluteca everyday but Saturday and Sunday, and we almost had to go yesterday hahaha. On Tuesday last week I got to go on divisions with Harrington for the 1st time since the MTC hahaha. I got to go to his area because his comp was showing some stuff to the branch secretary on mls the church system to do all the tithing and stuff like that. Man it was really cool to remember old times and to be able to do everything for real this time with both of us knowing Spanish. Sorry there wasn't any time for photos hahaha. But we had a good time anyways.

Lets see that same day Elder Harrington's comp convinced an Inv we have had since I got here to get baptized on Sunday. Her name is Dora. Her sister had gotten baptized like a week before I got here, and Dora was staying with that sister watching her because she was pregnant with like 7 months. So we finally got her to get baptized yesterday and we also confirmed her hahaha.

Lets see its been really rainy out here lately. and when there is rain means that there isn't light. I think everyday this week the lights have gone out at lease once during the day. It was funny on Saturday Honduras was going to play against Costa Rica and just before that the lights had gone out for like 2 hours and like 30 min before the lights came back. hahaha That just shows how obsessed Hondurans are for soccer hahaha.

And this week was my comps turn to get sick. Saturday and Sunday we didn't leave the house. I ready like 60 pages of the BofM in those 2 days I have like 150 pages till I finish again. I have been reading a lot. I want to finish it this time and one more time in Spanish before I leave. I have my English triple with me almost everyday when we leave the house just in case we end up doing nothing hahaha.

Lets see so this weekend we are looking at lease 3 baptisms so its going to be a little bit of a crazy week cuz only 2 are from the same house and the other is from another. But it will be a good time. And what the Zl's are telling me is that I will probably train again these changes that are coming. So we we’ll see how everything works out. On Thursday this week the branch is going to be going to the temple. There are 2 families to get sealed and like 3 that are going to get endowed and a lot of people that are going to just go do family work. its going to be soooo awesome.

Well I love you guys have fun if you got to Santa cuz get me a black shirt hahahahaha. tell all the cousins I say hi and I miss them lots


Elder Spencer Olsen Anderson

photos download very slowly sorry. next week ill get you some

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