Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 3, 2013 El Triunfo Making Tortilla

Hey mom dad and everyone,

Well man this week was just another one of those weeks in the mission. touching doors getting sick same old some old.  Man I  honestly don't know what to say. Hahaha We have a new investigator named David. He is the nephew of a less active member that we are activating right now. He is progressing super fast. There really isn't anything big going on with him. He should be getting baptized this weekend. 
The Caceres family is going there. We went and talked to Javier the husband now that his wife is back from Nicaragua and everything. he says that he doesn't want to go through with everything right now because he doesn't have enough money to go through with a nice little party and feels bad if he doesn't put anything. so we were trying to tell him that he didn't need to worry about it but he said he didn’t want to have problems with members later on down the road and knowing this branch they will say something hahaha. but they are still we told Javier that he would be blessed with the things if made an actual effort to go to church. so we should start to see some results with them right now.
Man the big thing that happened was that I got sick. so bad on Saturday that we didn't even leave the house until like 6 and that's because we had too haha. but don't worry. 
man I have nothing to tell you guys this week. well next Wednesday is changes and I cant wait to see what happens I love you guys sorry for not writing much  
Elder Spencer Olsen Anderson

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