Wednesday, June 19, 2013

El Triunfo May 27, 2013 Schools out for the Summer!

Hey mom dad and everyone,

Hahahah Ya, I can feel you I cant wait to take a break myself hahahaha. At least in October I’ll be able to go and see your class ahhahah. Man the time is running away from me. Im looking at all the pics you sent and holy crap Justin Morrison and Easton Troyanek. I can’t believe how big they are. That’s so awesome for Garrett and Mitchell that they get to go on that trip. I would like to do something like that with them. And knowing Eliason, man he got them in over their heads. The Bishop is coming out with his leg completely broken this time. hahahaha. Skooter time.

For Connor the best shirts that I have seen and had are the Stratford shirts you have been sending me. They are light, comfy and wash very easily. Shoes just get something comfortable that’s all. He will always be able to find shoes where he is at but those boots are a must. And tell him with the suit not to wear the pants unless he is wearing the suit cuz they don’t last long. Don’t take a 1st aid kit, waste of space. I threw it out in Monjaras. Sewing kit super necessary. Don’t take like nice going out cloths. I never have used . Umm clippers for hair even if he doesn’t use them they will be good to help out poorer members with hair cuts and what not, cuz a lot of people don’t even have enough money to do that out here. And he if forgets something in the mtc he will be able to get it.

So on Thursday we had zone conference and I got to talk to Pres. Hernandez about you  guys coming down. So what he told me is that you guys can come down...... but he isn’t going to give me any days extra. He said that you guys could come down and pick me up and that he would give me to you guys in the chapel where we do changes on Wednesday the 16th. So what I figure you guys can do is come down the day before and stay in the Marriott here in Tegus. it is really close to the change chapel. I didn’t get to ask him too much but he said it was ok. So get the tickets ready so they can get my flight on the same as your guys return flight home so you  guys would come down Tuesday the 15th and you guys figure out how much time you want to be down here for.

Cool stories... well on Thursday  went on división en Choluteca with a missionary named Elder Vanegas. He is from Nicaragua. His área has the famous Choluteca river and bridge in it so I told him I wanted a pic down there.  so we went down and there were a few Little kids down there swimming and they were just being annoying. And then out of nowhere came this guy tatted up and said hey Elders what’s up? So we started to talk with him. Found out he was a member of about 15 years. He had gotten into drugs a little while back. but had put his life together. He told us that about 8 years earlier that he was headed out for a missión and that he had his calling in hand and was headed to the Dominican Republic. He told us that he is currently with his wife but they aren’t married, and that she isn’t married. So while we were there with him we set up an appointment with him and he said it was cool. Its crazy for small things that we do. They can turn into miracles for others.

Well, that’s what I got for this week. We do have a few more people that we are teaching right now. We have about 8 dates set right now. Things are starting to look really good for us right now. There are 2 weeks left in this change on the 12th. I can’t wait to see what they send me this change I sure hope that its another gringo. I would love that cuz I have only had one my entire mission. So that would be nice. Well I’ll let you guys go this week. Only 21 more to go hahahaha. I’ll keep you informed with everything about you guys coming down and everything.

Love you guys lots

Elder Spencer Olsen Anderson

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