Sunday, May 26, 2013

El Triunfo, May 20, 2013 Elder Anderson

Hey mom,

Freak my weeks are starting to be the same. I can’t even remember what I did this week. hahaha. This letter is going to be really short. The big thing that is going on right now is that we are trying to find new people. All of our people are either getting baptized or dropping like flies. So we have been doing a lot of contacting. And I really don't like contacting hahaha. So we are trying to work with less actives and things like that to see if we can get references. That has been the big majority of our time right now.

We are still working with the family C It’s just getting a little frustrating. We can’t get Javier to church. He says he considers himself a member of the church already. His wife is still in Nicaragua taking care of her daughter who was just operated on so she has a little bite of an excuse not to go hahaha but we with get them there.

Man just 5 months left hahaha. But I'm doing good. Doing my best to stay focused. But you know its ok. I really don't know what else to tell you. I’ll try to have good story for you next week. Love you guys

Officially  Elder Spencer Anderson hahahahaha

 Hola yo me llamo Elder Anderson
So a few months, Spencer had a missionary tag made with his Mom's maiden name, Anderson.  He finally got it back.  I don't know if he is actually wearing it or if he just got it to bring home.  
On Saturday we went over in the morning to Alicia's house to help her to fill up her pila (water tank) with water and this is her system. She is a nearly 78 year old lady and has to work so hard just so she has water to wash and clean with.  

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