Sunday, May 26, 2013

El Triunfo May 12, 2013 Happy Mother's Day

What a great Mother's Day it was this year talking with Spencer.  He called us Saturday Evening to make sure everything was set up to Skype on Sunday.  He had made arrangements with the landlord to use his computer so we could Skype with him.  The plan was he was going to call around 12:30 or 1:00 pm.  We aren't finished with Church until 2:00 pm, so we left early so we could talk with him.  We got home and he was waiting for us to Skype him and we were waiting for him to Skype us, so I ended up taking a little much needed nap.  He finally emailed us to Skype him, so we did, and by then he had an appointment to go to, so he was going to Skype a little while later.  So Mom got a longer nap.  It was nice.  When he finally was able to Skype, he discovered that the computer he used didn't have a microphone, so he had to use a headset.  I kept telling him he looked like a traffic control person.  It was a nice visit.  We learned so much about where he's living and how things are going.  We pulled up Google Earth and found his house, church, and town center.  Things are going well and he has a couple of families he is working with.  He did have a baptism the day before.  He was a little nervous that the Hermana was going to show up, so they went and picked her up.  It all turned out fine.  He talked about the food he is eating and he is cooking for himself more now than ever before.  He talked about the Circus investigators.  They are doing well, but he doesn't think they will get baptized before they leave town.  But they are interested in the Church.  

We talked a lot about the things we need to do to get Connor ready to go.  He loves his Ecco Shoes and he likes the new white shirts I got him for Christmas from JCPenny.  He doesn't like the suit pants I got for him because on all of the pants, the waistbands have come apart.  We talked about his watch issue.  He figures he has 8 different watches on his mission.  He talked about his schedule for the week and they go to Choluteca 2 times and week.  He likes to go to Cholu, but it costs a lot of money in bus fare.  We also told him that we want to go to Honduras to pick him up so we made a few plans.  We hope it all can work out.  When would we ever be able to do a trip like that again.  He is excited for us to come.  He just hopes he can serve in Tegucigalpa before he comes home so he can show us around the city.  

It was just a great day to talk to him.  He is always happy and always smiling.  He is a good kid and has grown a lot while he has been out.  He plans on coming home and working at Harkins for the Holiday Season and then go to BYU-I in the Winter.  It will be nice to have him home for a couple of months before he leaves again.  
 The first call.  We talked for about 1 1/2 hours
He called back just before he went to bed to say good bye.  He was out of phone card minutes, and the headset wasn't working anymore.  So he could hear us but all he could do was type his answers.  It was so hard to say good bye.  I think its harder to say goodbye through Skyping because he can see you.  On the phone, he can just hear you and it's just easier.  That's ok.  It was a great Mother's Day!

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