Sunday, May 26, 2013

El Triunfo May 13, 2013 Pictures

So Before we hung up from our phone call with Spencer, I told him that he still had to write the next day.  I wrote him a quick short note, but he didn't.  He did better.  He sent pictures.  It was so good to talk with him, but I love the pictures!

 this is our baptism this last weekend hna alicia by me is one of her grand daughters
 this i toñito he is the branch sec and getting ready for his mish so i helped him upload this foto to his account
this is anadella sheis a cute litte 4 year old in the branch she has a peice of cabbage on her head 
  this is me my comp and elder amiso he just went home he is a way cool guy
 goobye honduras hello nicaragua
 i caught this tiny little gyrobo with javier jr like 2 weeks hahah
 this is javier jr with the gyrobo

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