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El Triunfo April 14, 2013 Honduras Missionary Mom Potluck

So there is a website for Mom's that have missionaries on missions, and I joined just before Spencer left on his mission.  I was linked up to other mom's with missionaries from Honduras.  Everyone has been so helpful.  You are able to ask any question or find out any information about your mission from this site.  Since Spencer has now hit his 18 month mark, I have made some friends along the way.  I have seen other groups get together and go out to lunch, but working full time, that is hard for me to do.  We had tried a couple of times and it never worked out.  Well, in November I think, Spencer had been at a Zone Conference and there were several Missionaries from Arizona.  He had sent home the picture and I had realized, I had been reading a couple of blogs from their Moms.  After we received our other son's Mission Call, we started looking at important dates, and I decided that I wanted to finally put together a pot-luck with the mom's that I had emailed and their husbands to start to get to know them.  Well, it finally happened on Sat. and boy was it fun.  We all brought dishes to share, pictures, and stories of their missionaries.  We had so much fun meeting each other and sharing the experiences we have had with our sons/daughters.  I think we have made new friendships that will last a lifetime.  It was a great evening of food, fun and stories.  I Love being a Missionary Mom.  Oh and this is week 3 of no pictures.  Pray for some tomorrow

 Olsen's, Edward's, Wallis', Bitter's, Cook, Derring's, Smith's, and Borchardt's
Good Food, Pictures and Fun Stories.  It was a wonderful evening.

Hey mom dad and everyone,
Shoot how this week has been crazy. So I cant remember if I told you this last week. But right after the last session on Sunday I got a call from my Zl's in my last zone that we had baptized the most in the mission as a Zone so Pres. had invited us to his house for a nice dinner Monday night at 6pm and that I had to be at Pres's house at that time on Monday. So on Monday we got all we needed done here in Choluteca and then headed off to Tegus. And to get to Tegus you have to pass by my last Zone, so when we passed, the San Lorenzo Zone got on the bus. What luck hahaha. so I was talking with my last comp Elder Mendoza and how everything was going, and I made a comment that everyone had on long sleeve shirts, and he asked me if they had told me that we were going to the temple and I said no. So it came to be that we were going to be able to go to the temple on Tuesday morning . Man I was soooooo excited to be able to go do that because I haven't gone to the temple to do work in like 16 months ever since I left the MTC. And come to find out we were the 1st missionaries in the mission to go through the temple hahaha. We scored big this last week. It was really interesting to go through . We did the session in Spanish. So my last time I went through the temple in the MTC we did it in Spanish as well. And when people asked how much we understood I said I understood like half. But now that I went through completely understanding Spanish. Man that last time in the MTC I didn’t understand anything hahaha. But is was great. 
And while I was with the Pres. I talked to his wife cuz she says if we can live in our houses or not. And ours was way too big for 2 people. It was for like a family of 8 hahaha. So I told Sis Hernandez that the house had a pool that wasn't full but could easily be filled and I didn't feel that that was appropriate for missionaries to have in their house. And she told me that I was right, and that we needed to move which is what I wanted, but my comp no and I knew that she would say we needed to move haha. I win hahaha. And we already had a less active member that wanted to rent his house so when we got home we let him know that we wanted to move in. And we called the land lady of the old house. So on Saturday we helped the member move out of his house and we moved in. He has a crazy brother in law that moved our stuff for us. He looks a lot like Curtis haha, but a way cool guy. So now we are living in a new place with ac and we don't have to pay the light bill oh happy day hahaha. 
So about the investigators. Right now we are working with a family of 6. They have 2 older children that are already into their thing, so we will see how it works out. The father’s name is Javier, mother Edith, and in order to oldest to youngest 1st David, then Elizabeth or La China, then Javier Jr. and Kayla. The parents are super awesome. They aren't the most rich people in the world, but man they are always giving us food. It is soo great hahaha. But they are understanding everything. The big thing is that they aren't married and have been together for 25 years. But they are so willing to do anything to get baptized that they already said they are willing to get married so we are starting their marriage process so they can get baptized on the 27 of April. Well it’s been a long time of writing I'm so excited about Lauren and Dennis I cant wait to see pics of the actually baby hahaha. Love you guys and stay safe 
Elder Spencer Olsen

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