Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8, 2013 El Triunfo Conference Weekend

Hey mom dad and everyone
Man this week has been all over the place for me. The entire week I was in my area for only 2 full days hahaha And one of those 2 day I had a drunk member sleep in my bed for like 3 hours hahaha. Let me tell you that story.
Right now I'm going to tell you about a miracle that happened to us on Thursday. So during the week some friends told us that another friend started drinking cuz he fought with his wife.  So on Thursday we were supposed to go to the stake center of my zone which is an hour away. BUT the Zl's who were in charge of the meeting were in a place called Tegus where they had ZL council with the mission pres. the day before and had missed their 4 hour bus ride back to the south where I'm at in the southern part of the mission. So they canceled our meeting cuz they didn’t make it back in time and passed for the next day. So then we had to change a bunch of appointments so we ended up having to leave the house at like 1030am and take away a little study time so we could get everything we needed to get done. So we went to the first appointment and were there for like and hour and a half, a really long time but it was worth it cuz we were able to challenge them to baptism and they accepted. It was awesome. So after, I was thirsty so we were looking for drinks and couldn't find a place that had anything. And then I found a used American cloths store and went in cuz I need pants hahaha. So I went in there and didn't find anything. Then leaving the store I saw a bigger store to buy drinks and so I went to go get a drink and as we were walking out we ran into the drunk friend. He told us that he was bad with God and that we couldn't go where he was going, but instead we were going to take him home but no one was there. So I asked him if he had eaten, and he told me that he hadn't eaten in 5 days. So what we did is we took him to our house so he wouldn't be alone, and I made him 2 sandwiches and made him a glass of water with oatmeal and sugar. And then I lent him my towel so he could bath cuz we imagined that he hadn't bath in those five days he had been drinking. Then we put him in my bed so that he would sleep it off a little until his wife got home. We are trying to help him but he thinks he’s the only way to fix the problem and his wife blames us for him drinking. But I think that we did helped him a lot. We just need some more help from friends so that he can get good again. But the way we got a hold of him was just a complete miracle. I'm praying for him so he can get better cuz he is an amazing guy.
I hope that was easy enough to understand hahaha. It was a crazy day I need to get a new towel.
For conference, man I have been sleeping in  a hammock for 2 days. It’s crazy. But it was awesome.   My favorite talk was the talk from Cardon. It was awesome. I loved it. And the Latin Elder, Elder Fallabela, I have met him before. He used to be the President of the Central American area and he came a little while back and I got to shake his hand. It was really weird to hear him speak in English cuz I have only ever heard him in Spanish hahaha. But it was great. I have actually heard that story he told. He went to the Mesa Temple back then . He actually had to sell his car so that he could just have enough to go up to AZ, then went with nothing to go back with. It was sooo awesome to see that.
Well I forgot my cable to pass fotos so you will have to wait till next week but I have a few. And I’ll let you know next week with Connor’s stuff and every thing. But I can get a hold of any type of food or ingredients so just send me stuff. I didn’t have any time to cook last week, but we will see this week.
I love you guys miss you lots. Just 6 more months and I’ll be home to share everything. I'm doing great
Elder Spencer Olsen

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