Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 1, 2013 El Trifuno Sandlot

 Hey mom dad and everyone,
So in all of Latin America here its called holy week ( la semana santa) what everyone does here is the go to the beach. Everyone has the Week off of school and they just party it up. My comp's from Puebla Mexico and he told me there they actually crucify a guy in memory of the sacrifice of Christ.
But from Thursday to Saturday everyone in the world is at the beach. So there wasn't much to be done those days. But with my comp he is a very interesting guy.  He was concerned when a bunch of people told him I was really disobedient hahaha. And all the people that told him that, I don't even know hahaha. And we aren't even going to start when I wanted to change the house.  But he is realizing that everyone just blew everything out of proportion hahaha. 

I'm doing my best to try to get along with him.   You have no idea how much I have just dived in to the culture down here its wild. But I’m trying to deal. What I'm going to tell Pres. is it take me out in the 1st change and to put my comp to train. 
 But the greatest thing that has ever happened in mission. There is a Sandlot baseball league in my area hahaha. Now when I say Sandlot I mean that. Half of all the guys that play are playing barefoot the other half that isn't barefoot are in sandals hahaha. They have 3 trashed balls and like 5 cracked wooden bats hahaha. The batters box has been dug out like a foot in to the ground.  But on Wednesday I went and they let me play with them. When I was in Danli I bought a really nice $80 glove for $7.50 hahaha. So I went out and played. Man it has been a long time since I've played baseball hahaha. But I had a great time. I'm going to try to see if I can baptize at lease one of them hahaha. 
Man this is a really hard keyboard to type with. I think I’ll end here for today but I'll try to get a better computer next week. I love you guys I'm doing better. Trying to make it through. Talk to you guys next week.

Elder Spencer Olsen

photos are downloading really slow send them to you next week 

I Google Earthed his area in El Trifuno and saw the Sandlot field he talks about in this email.  I noticed the field as soon as I zoomed in on the city.  I also Googled his church building and discovered it is just a couple blocks to the East of the ball field.  If you start at the North/East corner of the ball field and go over 3 Square Blocks to the East you can see a white square and a white rectangle in that square block.  The white square is the parking lot of the church building and the rectangle is the actual Church Building.  I love Google Earth.  Check it out.  It looks better on your own computer.

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