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April 22, 2013 El Triunfo Lawson's Pictures

So most of you know that I have joined and we are linked to our specific Missions.  I have made several friends and we even had a potluck last weekend with several MM from Arizona with missionaries in Honduras.  Well, tonight, as I was checking my email, there was an email from a Mom looking for Elder Olsen's mom because she had a picture of her son and Spencer together eating Biscuits and Gravy. (I sent 2 mixes of biscuits and 2 mixes of sausage gravy in Spencer's package that he just got). I immediately answered the email and she sent me the picture and a link to her blog.  As I was going through his blog, Elder Lawson, I saw a few pictures that Spencer was in.  I got permission to use his pictures.  So the following pictures are from Elder Lawson.  Because it's been 4 weeks now that Spencer has been able to send pictures, I was very grateful for the few that she had of him.  Enjoy the updated letter. 

Hey mom dad and everyone 
Well where do I start. Let’s see, yes I did take Elder Wallis spot in El Triunfo. My comps name is Elder Torres. Anyways lets see this week was just a normal week. on Monday we did divisions with the Zl's so that they could go get to know our family that is going to get baptized so that they could be eligible for a family fund we have so they can get married. And the ZL that went to my area took the keys with him and we got stuck outside. Luckily the ZL I was with knew how to get in to the house haha. Not the 1st time that's happened to me hahaha. Tuesday and Wednesday were normal and then on Thursday one of the AP’s went to visit our zone so we had our district meeting together with him. Then I did divisions with my dl his name is Elder Lawson and that's not Clawson it’s Lawson hahaha. But we had a good normal day. But on Friday morning since I figured my comp wouldn’t appreciate the biscuits and gravy,  so I made them with Lawson.  hahaha. So for the biscuits we just made them like pancakes. The only thing is that they didn't get cooked all the way through. Oh and I did find fully cooked turkey sausage patties that we cut up almost into ground beef style and it turned out really good. We also fried and egg and put a piece of plastic cheese on it and put that on top of the biscuits and then the gravy, sooooo good. 
With the baseball field there is a nice one near the church.  It’s like 3 or 4 blocks away, but where I was was a lot further away near the entrance of Triunfo. but we went to see one of the games there on Saturday it was the Jr. league and man there were rag tag. Nobody had on the same uniform hahaha. Oh and yesterday it was awesome in church showed up like 5 people from a circus. Wow that was real good Spanish grammar hahaha. And 2 of them wanted to talk to us so we went to the circus in the afternoon and started teaching them hahaha. We will see how that turns out hahaha. But it was awesome. 
The Caceres family is doing good. They went to church yesterday and today we turned in all of their stuff to the Zl's to get them married so its out of our hands right now. They are ready to go. We just have to hope the Zl's can pull off their part to get them married on time but I believe it should all work out.
Ya I found myself a cook his name is Elder Olsen hahaha. He made me some very delicious chicken finger the other day and I'm trying to convince him to make me some fried shrimp. We will see if that works out hahahahaha.
The house is amazing. You can t get much better then unlimited use on an ac unit in the south. There are a lot of missionaries that have houses with ac but they have to pay for it. But where I'm at the land lord is paying the light bill and has told us that it’s not a big deal if we leave it on all day long and that if the light bill comes out at 3000 which is what we are paying he isn't going to do anything to us hahaha. There is always water in the pila to bath so that's good. We are solid there. The missionaries aren't moving out of there for a long time hahaha.
The computer place that I'm at won’t take my camera so I cant send photos again but I will for surely do it next week. I love you guys I'm doing good just 6 months more and we will be doing it big hahaha. 
Elder Spencer Olsen 

 Biscuits and Gravy for Elder Lawson

 District Meeting outside because the church was locked

The Zone - Spencer Front and Center
 The Pool in the Backyard of the Big house that he moved out of in El Triunfo
Elder Lawson standing in the middle of the pool in El Triunfo

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