Sunday, April 15, 2012

He's Been Transferred!!! DANLI April 2, 2012

This week, we had gone to conference and then up to Lauren and Dennis' for the weekend. While we there were on our email, and noticed that he had sent his dad a letter.....

hey dad,
sorry i forgot to email you the last 2 weeks. i would just run out of time. everything is going great. sounds like you guys are having a great time in idaho. i dont want to be there its too cold. but i did get you emails and i wasnt ignoring you on purpose. im just trying to make sure im following all the rules. but last week i got made senior comp so im pretty excited. ill go into more detail in the other email. but just know pres. hernadez thinks im doing a good job. haha. love miss alot and going to phx with you and cali st
te amo mucho
Elder Spencer Olsen

This made his dad happy because he had written him a couple of times and never said anything about it. Then Garrett noticed that Spencer had been on facebook and change his language to Spanish and his city was now Danli. We got all excited because we figured he had been transferred. Garrett posted on Spencer's wall...."Hey Bro," and he responded. We then had a conversation with him on facebook. We knew we shouldn't be doing it, but it was so hard not to talk to him. This is the conversation we had with him....

    • ya danli is an entire zone monjaras is just 2 areas i live in pueblo nuevo and no i wont and that scares the crap out of me

    • you guys still in idaho

    • Yes we'll go home wednesday. Drive all day. Lauren has to work today. She;s taking tomorrow off

    • Is your companion a greenie? Do yo know where Cizmas is?

    • happy birfday mom i almost barrowed a member phone to call you on saturday and no we came to honduras together so i have 6 weeks more than him and my area touches the area of cizmas

    • thank you for the birthday wish. It was a good day. Thats what dad did but he had co-companionships

    • you only have 13.87 in you account....You had 90 before today.

    • $90 the last time I put money in your account for the divorce

    • i have no idea all i took out was 900 limps today which is 45 dollars

    • i took out 400 on thrusday too

    • i have been so broke for like 2 months

    • i know I feel so bad for you! Did Carter go home?

    • no he goes home on the 18th and i compete 6 months on the 12 boo ya

    • Connor wants to know about his wallet

    • my old zl from monjaras has it they are going to tegus on wed for a councel so i will get it then and i think i should get it ready to go after that

    • thank you Im talking to connor and he said sweet!

    • ya i know im a cool brother. i have a little something for everyone in the house i got you mom a honduras shoulder bag dad i got a really cool shirt garrett an olympia barclet and flag the futbol team of honduras and mitchell idk yet but i have centro marcado in my area

    • so i will find something

    • The best gift you can give your family is the work and example you are to your brothers! You are awesome. Finish your letter and get back to work. This has been fun. We love you and pray for you always. Faith and fear and be in the same place so don't worry about your little family. If they want to get baptized, it will all work our! Love you ! MOM and DAD

    • see ya pues

So we said good by and waited for our letter. The last couple of weeks, the email came in late at night I think because of the pictures. So we waited and waited and waited. I went to bed a little disappointed because the email never came. We figured that we had taken too much time facebooking so he didn't have time to write. We accepted that we got to talk to him "live" and we were happpy, but I will never do that again, because I really did miss my letter.

So as you can tell, He has been transferred and he will miss this little family's baptism. The ups and downs of being a missionary.

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