Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 Danli

¿Que Pedo Raza?
So ya im pretty sure with the call and everything will work the same. i Already have a number that i will call you on. the way things work out here for cell phones is they do pre-paid and the buy sim cards. so i bought one that i will use for my whole mission i think as long as i dont lose the number. and i already have the saldo (minutes) to call you so it should be a good time.

So you guys still want to know about conference we watched it in the stake center in Danlíin english on a plasma screeen. with a/c haha and during the sessions we oredered pizza hut it was a lot of fun.
Could you guys dome a huge favor and get me elder skidmores email i would like to emal him.
this week was ok we had a nother baptism of name named Roger. His is 69 his wife is dead but the awesome thing though he counts as a family. because the were married by law to the church he is concidered a family. so we worked alot with his daughterto help us because she is already a member. she told me that 2 years ago that he got contacted in the street and the missionaries came to thier house. and his daughter would always hide. but one day he didnt tell his daughters that the missionaries were coming over so they started to take tohe lessons and the youngest got baptized. but at that time roger didnt. that was 2 years ago. then my comp and his last comp started going back over there. he had a little issue with coffee but we got him to stop drinking it. he is a very awesome guy.
it was a little hard this week my comp is a little bull headed on a few things so im really trying to be but manb alive he is really testing it. he likes to spend a lot of time with the members just chilling at thier house. we didnt have too many lessons this week. im trying to talk to him about it but i really dont want to stakt a fight over stupid things. one of the big things is he doenst ever like to do things with the zone and he makes everyone zone mad. its frustrating but im praying for help. its hard.
but my area reall isnt that special there isnt a whole lot. we live in a very small house. we have a hill behind our house that has a cross on it but basically its all mountains like norther az. but it is a little chilly out here. there really isnt a whole lot here. i miss monjaras a lot i really didnt even get to say good bye to any one it was really lame.
we went back to the city againfor my comps allergyand everytime im there the secretary to the presidentasks me if im ready to come into the office. and i tell him... no haha.
but im trying my best and you guys were right my mission will help me learn pactiens and a whole lot more i didnt know i needed work on.
love you guys sorry my email is so short
Elder Spencer Oslen
ps i already wrote pres. peterson

honduran lisagna

at 6 months missionaries burn a tie so this is my 6 month tie burn

these trucks were selling chese and cream out of the back it was crazy

the old guy on the very right next to me was our baptism his name is roger

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