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Danli, April 9, 2012 Happy Easter

Well, we never got a letter from the week before. We found out that he sent one but somehow it got erased. So, here is the first letter in Danli.

Dear mom and everyone,

First off sorry about the letter last week i wrote one and sent it i swear. Second off wow dad not going to lie you are looking really old and skinny. some times working out can be bad for you haha. oh and thirdly i dont complete 6 months till the 12 so just hold on haha

ok so danli is very big ya. we can take a rapidito bus to tegus for 20 mintues and still be in my area its rediculous. so up here in the north part of the mission its a little bit cooler. in the night if we go out i have to wear a sweatshirt. in my area we are in the middle of centro where all of the markets are at. so threre is some really cool stuff out. but i promise thats not what i will spend the money on haha. people are very different out here. the are more americanized than the cities in the south. people out here can actually read and take showers everyday. they know how to keep themselves up i guess. my comp is a little interesting. he is from nicaragua. he is from the capitol a city like tegus if you can imagine that (which honestly i couldnt before my mission haha). he is super rip haha well he is in very good shape. he is a little head strong doesnt like to do much. with his old comp the wouldnt go to pday with the zone. so everyone in the zone think he is a little rude and anti-social. but im trying to breaking out of that shell haha. with me he is really cool and most of the members really like him. but its whatever i like doing stuff with the zone so he can just lay down at the chaple while everyine plays haha. but i love him he is a way tight kid.

here is danli the actually have enough priesthood for a stake. so im currently in a ward. it is called bella vista (bea. the bishop is really cool he is an ex-missionary that served in el salvador. he is a teacher here so he is a little on the wealthy side his house is huge and he actually has a washing machine. which is a very rare comodaty in this part of the world haha. the second counsler is really cool his name is jorge. he is like 25 years old and him and his wife have been married for like 7 years. but they are the coolest people in our ward. the ward is very cool and they love to work with the missionaries. and love to give us food. but because we are up in the mountains we have to climb hills all the time so i have been dropping weigh too.

well the area is alot like norther arizona. there is a lot of pine trees. it kinds feels like if you were to put a town in the middle of the mogian rim haha. we have a baptism set up for the this weekend his name is rodge. he is a 75 year old widower so he counts as a family. but yesterday in church we had to easter stuff going and so in our class of investigators we talked about the atonement. and he said the closing prayer and while he was saying it he started to cry. his daughter who we are also teaching told us that he never cries that ehrn his mom died and when his wife dies he never cried. the spirit was really strong in that class. and this guy lives about 20 minutes by bus away for the chaple and comes by himself we dont heve to go pick him up. it was way awesome.

so for easter here they just dont celebrate it for just one day. the holiday here is called semana santa which means the holy week. so their spring break was this last week. it is also the hottest week of the year. so i really wanted to be in monjaras for that. one of the hottest place in the mission in the hottest part of the year. but its whatever. so everyone here is at the beach or visiting family so the work was really hard this week. esspecailly on good friday. nobody does anything. ingluding the pulps there is nothing that it is open. so the work is very hard this week. because everyone just wanted to be left alone with thier familes. but everyone restarted work and school this week so iots should be a little bit better this week.

The one good day i had was i went on divisions with my dl who knows some people from back home. it was really cool. we got done with district meeting and headed to his area. we ended up with like 6 lessons a new family and put 3 dates with his inves. it was probably the most successfull day i have had yet it was awesome. but that night at about 11 oclock at night my dl gets a call from a guy that is making a wood plack for him. so this guy is an ex-missionary that turned acohlic. so the guy comes over complete blasted asking for 100 limps at 11 oclock at night. and he started to do the you dont know me you dont know why i do the things i do speech. and he was just beening bull headed not letting me ralk not letting me give him advice. i think i really made him mad oops i was just trying to help him. it really riled me up i didnt get to bed till almost 1 am that night. and the next morning we did a hike that is redeculously hard haha but was way fun you could see like 4 different areas from the top.

but this week was good i think this is going to be a good area im excited to get it going out here. i hope everything is going great i love you guys

ELDER Spencer Olsen

welcome to bella vista my new home and area

these are the wallets i got the oragne is for connor

-this for the most part is my area

heres me with all my bags waiting to go to tegus

my study area

my new room

my kitchen

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