Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! November 27, 2011

November 25, 2011


Good morning,

How was your day yesterday? Did
you have a nice thanksgiving? We did. I had the turkey done with 9th ward again
and it was so good. Brett came up around 115. We cooked and cooked. We ate
around 330 and we were all cleaned up by 530. They brought german chocolate
pie, cheese cake and Pumpkin pie and I made pumpkin creme brûlée. It was all
really good. It was a nice day. I also went to step class with Kayla and got my
butt kicked! We're not going shopping
this morning. I don't want to go fight the crowds.

Garrett got into your closet and
found your old steelers jersey and was wearing it. Haha mrs Collins likes the
steelers too so he took a picture and sent it to her

I think I'm going to put up
Christmas this weekend. I might as well since I'm so busy during the week. I've
got to get your Christmas in the mail this weekend so it will get to you in

Well have a great week and be
obedient. Lauren isn't coming to Provo until tomorrow. And she's not bringing
you diet dew. Get that put of your mind! We love you remember that rules do
apply to Elder Olsen.

Love you, MOM and garrett

(ELDER OLSEN – November 25, 2011)

Dear mom and everyone,

We had a pretty good day yesterday. we had a
different schedule than normal so we were able to sleep in an extra hour before
breakfast hahaha. Then we had a devo that said it was to be given by pres brown
the mtc pres so we almost didnt go but
when we got there and got seats and everyone stood up. And we only stand
up when a general authority come in and it ended up being russel m nelson and
his wife it was way cool. After we had to go on a walk up to the temple to let
some of the others get dinner 1st then we got to go. it was nothing too
exciting just a normal mtc dinner. Than we had another devo to explain out
service project. We made injury kits that are going to the sudan it was another
lds service project where they think its going to take a lot long than it
really does hahahah so we just messed around with all the missonaries for like
an hour after we were done hahah. Then we had a final devo that was like a
little skit one of the presidency wives put on and we sang a few hyms and a few
missionaries got to say what they were thankful for. But after that we were
supposed to have a "Special Concluding fireside." I was like well if
a ga is a normal fireside that whats a special one we have to be getting the
prophet hahaha. Nope. But we did get to watch 17 miracle that was way cool. I
really like that movie. But ya it was another pretty uneventful week at the
mtc. Other than... i had to talk to one of the mtc presidents. So
there were 2 guys in our zone that left for the guatamala mtc. And they
were our neighbors and one of the guys left his hey and id card in a
lab before he left. So i took it and mess with the guys next to us. So they
went and told the front desk and they got the mtc presidency invovled it was
way dumb and a waste of everyones time. But whatever hahaha ya it has been a
pretty good week were get our tracle plans in a week and leave in about 2 so
its coming down to the wire. Im so pumped to get out of here its too cold and
too easy to gain weight. But ive done pretty well about that. Well ill talk to
you next week


Elder Spencer Olsen

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