Friday, December 9, 2011

Travel Plans: Tues, December 13th 12:55 am

December 2, 2011

Dear spencer,

Well another week has gone by so that means you're that much closer to leave. Do you have your travel date yet? I want to make sure I'm home that day so we can talk to you. We also need to figure out the best way to talk to you. Ask around and I'll ask too and we'll figure it out.

How is the weather? We finally had some rain today. Its all over the news and Facebook about the wind and snow you got today. Just think only two more weeks. Did you get my package? How is the sweatshirt? Better?

That is so cool that pres Curtis wrote to you. I gave him your address at church on sunday. He said he wanted to write to you before you left. We have stake conf this weekend so that will be nice.

So we finally went and saw breaking dawn. I used the last of the passes. We still have four more remits thy we'll save for Christmas. It was hrs to let go of the tickets the kid that went to the dback game took the tickets. I didn't remember him but he remembered us. Jenna was there too. She said you sent her a text on thanksgiving. She said she has picked up all of your shifts. She worked 56 hours last week. I told Connor he needs to work there! The was entertaining but the acting was terrible. Connor went with me along with Garrett and they had to leave during a couple of scenes. Part two will be better.

Well I know you don't like to get emails in the morning. But I forgot to write this morning. Please write to your brothers and your grandma. Have a good week. give me some details please. Are you still running everyday? How's your weight? How's your comp and district? Did you get Lauren and Dennis package? We Love you! We are excited to talk to you. Have a good week and stay warm!

Love you MOM

Ps I'm teaching AG at Gilbert tomorrow. Haha wish me luck!


Dear Mom and everyone,
I GOT MY TRAVLE PLANS!!!! It is seriously like recieving a 2nd mission call its so awesome. My flight from salt lake to atlanta isat 12:55am on december 13. We land in atlanta at 630 or so then we have a 4 hour layover in atlanta and leave there at about 1030 so ya. It shouldnt be to bad. Then we get to honduras at about 130. I cant wait to get out of here. There weather isnt bad its jsut cold. We didnt get snow but we did get wind. we just got back from the temple and on our walk back we could still see our breath. I dont like it. While i was in the temple i met some elders going to pres. petersons mission hahahaha. It was pretty funny telling them about him haha. I tried to scare them a little bit.
I got your package and i love that sweatshirt its perfect. And i also got lauren's package when i opened the soda she got me (rootbeer) I didnt relieze how shake up it really was and i got it all over one of my shirts it was so bad but i did laundry today and i think it should be fine.
Its so hard to put detail into these emails right now there really isnt a whole lot going on other than class hahaha. Our 2 teachers are our investigators and they both are "getting baptized" tomorrow lol. How is your guys missionary work going? I really need to send you that package back there are some really good pamphlets in there for which help alot in our lessons. The language is getting better and better every day. I can kind of sort of not really hold a conversation lol. some of the concepts are really hard.
But ya everything is going great out here i just cant wait to get out of here are really starting doing stuff it really doesnt feel like i have even started my mission yet but in a good way i guess. So anyway im about to finally get out of here a week and a half so ill actually get to talk to you then. Oh also have you gotten a chance to finish my ipod yet. Cuz i would really like to have that before i leave. Les amo todo. Dios bendecirá cuando hacamos Su obras. Yo sé que es verdadero.
Elder Spencer Olsen

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