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Last MTC Email!! December 10, 2011

November 19, 2011 (DAD)

DEAR ELDER OLSEN Sound like you are doing good but wanting to get to work out in hon.well thing are prity quit here with out you. Garrett is almost doing what he is asked to do .the gym rats ask about you all the time .Last week I went to Alicia's boys football game it was fun it was the play offs he is the QB the littleest guy out there they won so today your mother and I are going to the champship at Queen Creek HIGH .IT brings back all thoughts memorys with you.Time just FLYS. So dont mess around too much .I know you will but not too much. (I have no one to lisen to me when I get on my soap box So I had to stand on it .thanks for reading this ,I hope .) Dinner at mottas was good to hook up with UNCLE LESTER'S family we are going to do this every three mouths.WE are going down to Bretts for Thanksgiving to help him move 10 tons of rock it will be fun I guess .ASU plays U OF A tonight ASU was doing good but blow it the last 2 games they will go to a bowl game but it not sure how good of a bowl game BYU SUCKS this are playing the 49 'ers IN SF .they are do very good ( 7-1 )grrrr CARDS are 3-5.Iginio was trimming a door with a saw ,it kicked back and cut his legg IT was 1/2 to an 1" deep and 18" longs.Did not call me he finised the door went to work when he came home they took his to the hospitl he got 14 stiches got home at 2 am the next morning cleaned out side went to work .Day three i went down there and he told me what happened That is dedication and gutts he is my HERO.I LOVE YOU and pray for your DEDICATION AND YOUR GUTTS LIKE IGINIO YOU BOTH ARE MY HEROS PS like how you adderes you emails you would think that you only have a mom ha ha I know were I stand. I am proud that I raised a son who loves and respects his MOM like you do YOUR EARTH DAD ALLAN

December 9, 2011 (MOM)

Dear sweet spencer,
I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I love you and how proud I am of you! You are a great young man and I am so excited for you and the experiences you are about to embark on. I know what you mean when you said that getting your travel papers is like getting a second mission call. It makes it real!
I went to the Christmas relief society party last night and all the ladies asked how you are doing and I told them all you were still in the MTC but leaving on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Sis udall (the dark hard one) thanked me for your thank you card. She has it one her frig and she says she gets a big smile whenever she looks at it! You have a special place in all there lives just by being who you are.
About calling from the airport sis Kerr said for me to page you so I'm going to call the airport today to find out exactly how that works and I will let you know. So be aware that your name will be called over the loud speaker in Atalanta! If that doesn't work you can call collect and then we will call you back
I have been subbing jr high and high school all of this week. I did Lang arts at greenfield on tues and it was horrible so yesterday I did the same at highland jr and I took my minute games and it worked All the classes were awesome. I am doing highland jr band today. They are taking a math test. Haha. I brought my basket again and I made cookies for jazz band cuz they did an awesome job at their concert.
We are going to lame havasu tomorrow and Sunday for grandmas bday. Us and shelly and mike and grandma and clarke. It should be fun. We were going to take the boat but it's way too cold and we aren't going as long as planned.
Oh guess what Dennis won a $1000 bonus last night at his work party. He was one of five that was awarded. Lauren called me all excited. They weren't expecting it at all. They were given front row seats for the event. They had a comedian come and they gave out a bunch a prizes before and that's when they gave it to him. It's a real honor to be given the award.
Not much else is going on. Just getting ready for Christmas. Inside is decorated. Lights are up on the house. I had to buy new ones because the old ones we threw away last year. I still need to get the tree up. I hope to get that done to night. His full time working is killing me.
Have a great weekend. Hope your infield training went well. We love you and well send one more letter on Monday and then you'll be gone! I can't wait to talk to you and just hear your sweet voice!
Ps how is the iPod? Did you get it? And the socks?

December 10, 2011 (Spencer)

Hey mom and everyone,
So this will be my last email in the mtc. Im so excited to get out of here. I should also have a lot of time in the Salt lake airport to call you we will be there for like 3 hours or so so i might call you frmo there also. I have a big box of stuff i am sending home and there will be pictures i should send it just before i leave. But ya i had heard of that manager too parra called her the oger hahahaha. But i have no clue about her. But it was a good week it goes by so fast that sometimes i forgot some of the stuff that goes on hahaha. But it has been a great experience here i just wish i had gone to another mtc. Well today has been pretty good we went to the temple this morning and we did the spanish session with out headphones i understood like half of it but mowst beacuse i knew what was supposed to be going on hahaha. So we have this tutor in our zone that she went to sps mission in honduras ans she was telling me and elder harrington all about it hahaha it got me so excited to get down there. well anyway idk iof i told you this but me and kevin have been emailing back and forth but darin never emailed me back you should talk to the kerrs about that for me hahaha jk. But ya he sounds like he is doing great. Oh ya i also saw weston bush here the other day that was way weird and i see corbin wheatherby every so often it pretty cool. Oh and i also see Alec steve and carlor's son that is my age i got a pic with him but i didnt get it devolped i had already doen that by then. But i cant wait to hear from everyone on monday or tuesday im so excited to get out of the cold.
Love Elder Olsen

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