Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Month Down...23 More To Go

November 13, 2011
We received Spencer's email early friday morning. Boy does it sure make my day to receive that letter. I try and write him a few times a week through Dearelder so he gets something in the mail everyday or so. The rest of the family does the same thing. I'm sure it helps for him to receive something in the mail. I remember when I was going to BYU-HI and getting a letter was "the Bomb!"
I didn't have time to get it blogged before I left on a road trip with Aunt Shelly to Chicago, so here are two emails, November 4th and November 11, Veterans day. When I woke up the morning of the 4th, it was 5:55 and I checked my email and Spencer had just posted his letter to us. I immediately posted back and asked if he was still there. Then I went to Dearelder to quickly send him a letter so that he would get it that afternoon. When I went back to my email, Spencer had responded! It was so cool. He said yes and that he was writing to Kevin and Darin. I went back to finish my letter and when I went back to my email, he said he had to go to breakfast and do his laundry. It was so fun! I felt like I was talking right to him...well I was!!
(From Spencer, Nov 4th)
Hey Mom and everyone,
Just another week in the mtc. The language is still pretty hard but i feel mmyself getting better everyday. We had a sub come it to are class (mom i dont want to hear you way why didnt they call me in the next email...) this week his name was harmano Orem. He really changed my prospective on learning spanish. He said that the language would come in time but to learn the lesson. And when studying the language dont think im not learning the language for myself but i need to think that how are my investigators going to understand if i dont learn this laguage. It has really helped me because when i got hear all i could think about was man i cant wait to get home and use this gift. But i needed to have the mentality i cant wait to use this gift to serve Gods children. It was a way awesome experience for me. Nothing really big happened this week regaurding myself. My amckle is baisically better now. The days here bleed together. They are just repetatvie and monotunus but totally worth it. It is a lot of fun. We had half our distric leave this week to go to the guatamala mtc. its nuts we went from a full class of 10 to a class of 6 its really weird. Me and my compaion taught for 30 minutes straight in spanish on tuesday. We do this thing called TRC where members come and have us teach them lessons in spanish. In the 1st lesson i did most of the talking. it was on personal revalation through prayer it was way exciting. The 2nd lesson didnt go as well but i still di alot of talking. Connor finally wrote me the other day. Still nothing from mitchell. Tell him he is a little punck for not sending me anything :-P! The days go slow but the weeks go fast its crazy. Its already almost been a month since i have been here. Did i tell you that i live in the same building as Jake packer and Robbie bowler its awesome seeing a few people from home. Well send eveyone my love im doing fine everythign is great im actually having the disapline to not eat so much or eat all of the bad stuff its awesome i can almost fit in my suit again hahaha. Well I'll send for anything if i need it. Actually on the note can you send me my gray vans and my gray nikes that i left i hate these black nikes they are really annoying. :) Sorry connor. And garrett i dont have time to listen to your song right now but ill save it for when im not strickly timed on my email. But im sure its great. Oh and Dad wheres my weekly sports upate shoot. I had to find out form one of the new elders who on the World serise go NL! And i also want to know about football. You are killing me smalls! Well ill email you guys next week
Love Ya,
Elder Spencer Olsen
So I went on a road trip with my sister in law, Shelly to pick up a car in Chicago and drive it back to Gilbert. We stopped in Nauvoo for 20 min and then to Carthage for 25 min. It was awesome. The second day we went to Oklahoma City and saw the memorial and I'm glad we did that. On the last day, we stayed with Shelly's boy, Chris & Heather, in New Mexico. The morning we were leaving to finish our drive home, it was Monday the 7th. At 7:30 I got a text from Spencer, " Hey, have a few minutes on the computer, how are you doing?" I was so excited and we shot a couple of messages back and forth and then he sent one to his dad and then one to Connor. Boy was that exciting! Let's just say, I didn't have time to take a shower because I was talking to Spencer. haha. I was able to send 3 postcards from our trip, Chicago, Nauvoo, and Oklahoma City. When I got back from my trip, I waited patiently for friday and his letter. I woke up and looked at my email and here it is:
(Spencer, November 11th)
Dear Mom And everyone,
Its been a crazy week. I feel myself getting more a hold on the languge everyday its great. On Tuesday i talked in spanish for 15 minutes about how the revalation through the bom has changed my prespective in the mtc. It was crazy. they have members come to the mtc and we have a subject to teach them on and give them a 20 minute lesson. I had been reading 1nephi 20 and vesre 2 (i think it was that) really hit me. It talked about how got has hidden nephi in the shadow of His hand and made his vocie like a sharp sword it was way cool but i was able to talk about that in my lesson. We also have 2 "progressing investegators" with "batismal dates". They are just our teachers but they acted like investigators that they had on their missions it is way cool. It was way cool i figured out how to texted you so all of those postcards were like 2 days late hahah it was funny. Anyway its been awesome here but a montunus having the same schedule everyday. But i love having the the spirit with me all the time. Its a great change in my life i cant wait to get out there and start teaching no matter how broken my spanish is. Well thats about it hey dad here is a phrase you can use at california st... Puedo usar su banjo (translation... may i use your bathroom hahahahaha) no you can say you have started learning spanish.
Love everyone
Elder Spencer Olsen
Ps mitchell still hasnt written me if he has the day off tell him to write hahah :-P
(MOM Nov 13th, 2011 - I didnt finish this before I left for church)
I received another text from Spencer today during Relief Society. He admitted that he needed to stop doing this but he asked for one more favor. Along with his vans and tennis shoes, he wants a hoody sweat shirt. Oh and a diet dew. haha. I said ok about the sweat shirt but I don't know about the dew. I also told him that I was worried about him communicating so much with me and that he needed to be obedient. We'll see if that continues. As much as I love getting those extra little hellos, he really does need to obey the rules.

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