Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011

(November 18, 2011, MOM)

We’ll today is Friday, and that means it’s email day. I had sent him a letter last night and we also sent him a package. He needed a different pair of tennis shoes and he wanted a sweat shirt. So instead of going out and buying him a new one, I sent him an old one of Dad’s. He responded to all of that….Here is my letter to him from last night:


Just a quick hello. I don't want to take up your computer time. We just wrote to pres Peterson. I'll send you a copy of the letter and his response when we get it. I finished up the preschool class today and them went and helped with the Wise and Noble dinner. It's been a long day. Not much is going on. I get to teach girls PE at Gilbert tomorrow. I have to be there by 6:10 so hopefully I 'll get home early tomorrow. We are going to go to Matta's tomorrow night with Uncle Lester and
family along with Shelly and Grandma and Clarke. I'll let you know how that goes. Dad sure has stepped it up in helping around the house since I really started working so much. It sure is nice. Still no Basketball in site!! Bummer. It gets boring around here at night. I need to know what I should do for you for Christmas. I plan on getting it in the mail just after Thanksgiving so it will get to the mission home in time. Ask your trainers if they have any ideas. It needs to be little and
light. Do you know your travel date yet. Do you know the elder that just left that had the hurt foot? He had a 12 hour layover in Atlanta so be prepared for that!

Well, I'm going to go to bed. 530 is going to come awfully early. I don't even know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow. Oh well, it's a job. And then next week I get to go to science camp with Garrett. He can't wait. He tells everyone just like he did for Harry Potter. Oh yeah, Breaking Dawn midnight is tonight, and no I am not there!!! Not worth it!! Love you, Pray for you, Proud of you!! Be Obedient!!

Love you MOM
(November 18, 2011, Spencer)
Hey Mom and Mom,
Its been a pretty uneventful week. A few elders in my distric got sick and i got to go back to the room and sleep with them hahaha. Anyway Mom all i really need is teis and socks hahahah. These washing machine eat socks they its unreal i think i only have like 4 out of the 8 pair i came with so dumb. That really all i want / need hahaha. But thats crazy about that kid a 12 hour layover most i have been seening is like 3 here. LAst night this kid headed for tiawan only had a 3 hour layover in atlanta so hopefully that doesnt happen to us. Its been a great time here though but i wanna leave so bad and get out into the field. Im sick and tiered of it being so freaking cold all the time. The guys in my distict from utah say this is only fall but it has gotten colder than winter a home. Im never leaving arizona hahaha. But ya this last week we had Tad R. Callister from the Presidentcy of the 70 speak to us. It was so cool. He talked about 10 points that the Apostasy happened. It was way good super intense. Thats the really cool thing about beening in the mtc for a while we get to hear alot of people speak on deep doctrine all we get in class is that shallow fundemental doctrine to teach investigators. So it is way cool. The language principles are getting engraven in my brainit is way cool some of them are really hard though so luckly we have 2 teacher and like 4 tutors that can help us with those principle. The best experiences i have teaching in spanish is at this thing called Training Recouce Center (TRC). We have to teach different lesson every week and they have to be all in spanish but they are to members that come and volunteer so its way intense they dont even act like investigators so it makes it that much harder to do it in spanish when you dont know some of the words. Anyway about that sweater you sent... Ya that thing has stains all over it. I love the gesture but it would just make me look like a slobb lol so ill probably send it back lol sont worry about sending a new one lol. but hatnk you for overnighting my shoes i needed those so bad. i sould send the other shoes back today sometime. I also put a few pictures in there. There are also so pamflets that we have been using i our lessons that i think should help you alot with teaching the principles that are in them they are great. So send everyone my love tell them i miss them and to pray for me.
Love You All,
Elder Spencer Olsen
ps thank you for the sports stuff everyone always askes me about it hahahaha its way funny

(November 18, 2011, MOM)
I received the email while I was at Gilbert High teaching dance and a friend from 9th Ward, Elijah, was in my A hour class. He asked how Spencer was doing and I told him that I should be getting his email any minute. And sure enough, it came. So I was able to email Spencer right back and told him that E.J. says "hi" and Spencer responded "hi" right back. He is being obedient and not emailing/texting me anymore. =) I guess I need to get him some more socks for christmas! I think I'll send them to him at the mtc instead of paying for shipping to Honduras. haha. And the sweatshirt, I'm going to have Lauren pick one up and take it to him next week because she is going to go to Lehi/Provo for Thanksgiving weekend. The package I sent him had his black tennis shoes, his grey vans, a stained sweatshirt, and Dad got him a big bag of gummy worms, some almonds, and Garrett got him a Santa stuft animal. Garrett sure does love his big brother and he is to tender hearted. Until next week. Hopefully there will be pictures...

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