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Oct 14, 2013 Tegucigalpa Elder Olsesn's Last Email

Hey Mom Dad and Everyone,

It’s still unreal to me that this is the last time I am going to be writing you guys on the mission. Man how this last 2 years have just flown by and at the same time just been an absolute eternity. I have missed you guys so much. I can wait to get home and see how everything has changed or stayed the same.

Well let’s see. This week I have just kind of been getting a last few things done. On Tuesday I went on division with the Zl’s here. I went to go to do an interview for a guy named Diepte he is from a department called Gracias a Dios. That is where only indigenous people of Honduras are at. There aren`t missionaries there because there still isn’t a book of Mormon written in their language. But from what I hear they are almost done with it and shortly there after they should start sending missionaries there. The ones that leave there and live in main stream Honduras learn Spanish. He was a really cool seemed like he was a little high but Elder Oveson told me that that’s how he is hahaha. So I did the interview here in a really weird language in the background. It was really weird not understanding a language for the 1st time in like 18 months hahaha.

Wednesday was just a normal day like the rest. We did find out about the new dress code for the missionaries. WE are now allowed to have khakis. So as we were finishing division I know of a place that sells really good American cloths real cheap. So we went there with the Zl’s and Elder Oveson and I got some. I got a really nice pair of Dockers for 40 limps or 2 dollars. And they fit me great (photo attached at the bottom hahaha).

Then on Thursday we had my last district meeting. I went and got brownie mix and ice cream for my district. We basically verified what everyone had they we celebrated my last district meeting. At the end I put Elder Oveson to give a quick class. Then we went to lunch and I went out to a place called Sabana Grande to go do another interview. While I was there Elder Oveson as well was there with the other missionaries in this area. So I had to have my final interview with Pres Hernandez the next day so Elder Oveson, myself and one of his converts that was there with us stayed in the same house to come back to Tegus together.

So on Friday morning we went to the office. It was a great day. We had my entire group there. It was a really baggy day hahahaha. But I got there and I had my interview with Pres. It was solid. He read my final report. I wrote it on my growth of my Christ like attributes in the mission. He said it was extraordinary. I felt really good about everything I had done in my mission.

Saturday and Sunday were normal. Nothing too big. Ill translate you guys my report when I get home so you can read it. Well I can’t wait to see you guys on Thursday. Ill let you all in on what’s going down on here in Honduras when I get home.

Love you all

Elder Spencer Olsen

 Brownies for my District. Last District Meeting
 Eating Brownies
 Elder Peterson
 Financial Guy in the Office.  Turning in my Money Card
 Look at all of the Cards that were turned in and all of the Shredded Cards.

Elder Oveson and I bought Khaki's

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