Monday, August 13, 2012

August 6, 2012 Danli HJL (CTR in Spanish)

It was fun to read what he liked about his package.  I sent him a package full of HLJ pencils which means CTR or Choose The Right in Spanish.  This is similar to WWJD What Would Jesus Do.  I found the pencils at our church bookstore and sent them in the package, and everyone got a kick out of them.  I think I will send a package to him if he doesn't get his transfer next week so he can give them out to all of the youth and children at church.  He sounds good and is having great success.  We are so proud of him.

Hey Mommy and everyone,

Vamos a ver... This week we just another week in the mission. Had some lessons, got some doors shut in the face. Opened the mouth same old thing. 

So lets see storey time So about a month ago a member brought 2 of her tenets to church a little family of 4 the parents and their 2 little daughters. Our investigator class teacher wasn’t there so we took advantage and taught them the 1st lesson it went great and since then they have been to church every week for the last month but missed one week. So we had an appointment with them and our mission leader was going to go with us he was our ride there because they live outside of Danli a little ways but something happened and he couldn’t go so we missed the appointment. But the next day we went out there with them with someone else and we had a great lesson with them and so we decided to challenge them to be baptized and the accepted. And the great part about this whole thing is that they are already married. So there will be no delay in the baptismal process.  I’m so excited for them. They are so motivated to get baptized it will be a better month for us this month than the last. 

Now that whole harry potter thing is soooo cool and ridiculously huge. And the package was great. I think my second favorite thing was the HLJ (CTR in Spanish) pencils those were so awesome. HLJ things here in Honduras are literally impossible to find you can only find them in Guatemala. So I had fun tormenting all the young men and women with them hahaha. But that’s what I did with them all was gave them to members. So in the next package if you could get a hold of a bunch for HLJ things that I can give out to the people out here that would be sooooo cool.  But it has to be HLJ it can’t be CTR. It may mean the same thing but to the people out here it doesn’t have the same meaning to them. And another thing that I would like is a nice HLJ ring for myself.  I think my right hand ring finger is a 13 or 14, I can’t remember. I lost my other one in Monjaras. 

Well its great being a missionary. Next week is 10 months man how the time flys. This change ends in 2 weeks and it feels like it has just started. Have fun starting school everyone. I hope everyone is doing great. I’m doing fine and I always love you and miss you only 144 more days till I get to call again.

Elder Spencer Olsen 

 alot of people here find and keep parrots as pets and they are all very mean and bite really hard haha 

 this is one of the very many cigar factories here in danli. that is the biggest form of work here in danli and many people from around the world come just to see how they hake the cigars and to buy so i have seen quite a few gringos here in danli for that  

this is what i see everyday walking down the mountain we live on 

 the member we went with to visit that family has an abmbulance so we put the neck brace on for fun haha

-elder caal 

-the daughter of the member we went with 

still havent had the chance to take pics of the new hoiuse yet but i will put it in as part of one of my studies hahaha

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