Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week One in the MTC

Hello Everyone,

This week has been an emotional roller coaster! We received Spencer's 1st email. I wasn’t expecting it at all. We were looking for a handwritten one in the mail either today or Monday, so this was a real treat. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. BTW: We were going to go on the boat on wed, the day he went into the MTC. We were all ready to go but the boat keys were lost. We took them into the house after our last trip, which we never do for this exact reason and we can't find them. We were sure that Spencer had hid them and forgot to tell us because he told me the day before he left that we couldn't take the boat out or he would be mad. haha the joke is on us! Now the dilemma is....where are the boat keys?

Have a great day and we'll talk to you next week


(From Spencer October 15, 2011)

Hey Everyone,

Garrett you are so funny i didnt hide the boat keys. Dumb! But i did hid your wand in my suit case hahaha i have your wand. Anyways it has been a super long last 3 and a half days. When i got here they hearded us like cattle from our car to get our nametag and all our info then to the book store where we got like 25 lbs of books up to our rooms. Im on the 3rd floor. Then dropped off all my stuff then went to meet our comps and our dristrics. My comp is Elder Harrington. He is a doofy but cool kid. He is from las vegas but has bee going to school at the y for the last year. He is alot like marshall really tall palled basketball and is sometimes to sarcastic. But i really like him he is a good balance for me. Our distric is so bomb! We have this elder in it that looks exactly like kevin its a little creepy how much he looks like him. He has probably become my best friend here in the mtc. The days here take forever we have like 6 hours of class room instruction everyday and 3 ours of comp/personal/laguage study. Way to much sitting! But the language is coming along ok we already know how to meet/greet someone, bear our testimony, and pray. But its like when a little primary kid does it hahaha. WE started teaching our 1st investigator yesterday all in spanish. That was wild. But me and my comps hung in there. Its just crazy to think that only 5 days ago i was at home. It still really hasnt hit me that i am not going to be able to go home for the next 2 years so im not home sick yet it feels alot like EFY way weird. But no GIRLS!!! The weird thing is is that we got a way good looking female teacher who has only been home from her mission for 5 months making her our age. No bueno! but im having a great time trying my best not to eat too much of the food lol its a struggle. i just hope i wont gain too much weight. I told my comp he has to help me and if he has too pull food away from me haha. But everything is going great after this week i will have my p-day on friday the rest of the time im in the mtc so expect my emails then. Oh yeah, what im going to do for you mom is when i finish a journal ima send it home so i dont have to lugg it aroud so you can get more detail out of that lol. Hey connor can you do me a favor a check my gmail im expecting an email for when or ifithas already come can you forward it to me its all the same stuff from my fb account. and mitchell you had better have sold those games and if you havent DO IT and send me the money haha. And dad i told diann in her thankyou card to make sure you were going hard and not standing around talking hahah. Oh mom guess what half of the shots i was supposed to get on that card i font have to get. its only going to be like 150 bucks instead fo 350. But send everyone my love dont worry about me im doing fine. Cant wait to get more stuff from you guys haha.




(from Garrett to Spencer October 12, 2011)

hi Spencer,

how are you? we were going to go to the lake and we cant find the boat keys. mom said you would be mad if we went. so i was wondering if by chance you hid them from us. they have been sitting on the telephone desk.spence we have been home from our trip we have torne the house apart. WHERE ARE THE BOAT KEYS!

your brother,


(from MOM to Spencer)

Spencer, October 20, 2011

It was so fun to get your letter on email, and honestly, I now check my gmail account everyday just in case you snuck a letter through. You would be proud of me. I have been really strong and I cried all my tears those last few days, and every once in a while I well up with a few tears, but it's been easier than I thought. I miss you tremendously! I subbed at Greenfield Elementary on Wed and as I drove in to the parking lot, I thought how you came and picked me up all those days, and you brought me pop, too. I've thought about calling you a couple of times at home to check on something for me and then remembered you weren’t there. Haha, I know that you are doing great things. Dad hasn't changed your name on his phone and Mitchell called him the other day. He picked up the phone and with a panicked thought he wondered why you were calling him. Haha.

It's still really hot, upper 90s. I cant wait until it cools off. I’m so ready to start wearing jeans, but it too hot. Auntie Bev and Uncle Ken were here in town and we met up with them and Grandma and we went to lunch in Cave Creek at the Mexican place we used to go to when we sold jackets up there. It was fun. They were here only for a couple of days. So it was fun to see them. I have been subbing at Gilbert High in foods, Child Develop and HERO. The teacher is a friend of Diane Wright, Sis Hinton, and her father, Bisop Arrington, dad's old Bishop died on sunday. He's the old man that always sat behind us in 9th ward. It's been fun. I go in for A hour and Im done at 1130 and I get a full days pay! That makes $16 an hour. I can handle that! I'm really tired because you know me and mornings. Other than that there really isnt much going on. Shelly and Mike are all moved in and it's kinda nice to have them here. They stopped by on Sunday just as we were sitting down for dinner, so we set 2 more plates and they joined us. Luckily I had cooked extra.

That reminds me about the cooking thing. It's so weird to have your spot opened, but lots of times someone is sitting there. I still think about what to fix according to what you like. Its funny. And I can't seem to get the portions right either. I keep making too much and then Connor won't eat half the time so then we really have a lot of leftovers.

School is going fine for the kids. I think they are finally caught up from the week they lost and they all pulled decent grades. We had parent/teacher Conf today, and Mrs. Collins wants to take Garrett out of Resource all together and see how he does. He is really doing well in school and is comprehending most everything. That was encouraging. He hasn't had anymore episodes like he did your last night except when he found out you took his wand. I had to hold him and snuggle with him for 1/2 hour. Keep it safe and bring it home! Connor is still battling the sunday thing. We called him out on sunday and said he wasn't feeling well. He had to call in anyway. He told them he had a migraine. He'll tell you about his work. I think he is finally an official Maintenance Guy. I overheard him tell Dad this afternoon. Dad has changed up his workout and he is training with Holly. He doesn't do as much cardio and he's doing new weight stuff. So he's not at the gym as much. DeAnne doesn't like it cuz he doesn't do all of his cardio at the beginning. He does it at the end. We got Mitchell pre-registered for EFY. He is still helping Andrew mow lawns so he should be able to pay for half.

Oh, by the way. I forgot to tell you in the last letter.....(dad wanted me to say this and I forgot), Your best friend Emily Cardita will be there some time the end of November I think. You will still be there when she goes in. She is going to SLC Temple - ASL. She's excited. She looks different. It's amazing the change you kids do when you decide to go on missions. It's like the Lord is starting to prepare you as soon as you decide to make the committment. OK, enough about us. Now for the Questions.

How are things Going?

How is your Companion?

What is he like? family? Interest? etc.

How is the language?

Have you gotten to hear from any General Authorities?

Did you see Sis Marble? Allens?

Have you received my package? My DearElder letters? (I just sent a little something today, so you should get it by Monday)

Is it cold?

Do you go outside?

Are you glad you have a coat?

How is the food?

Are you doing ok with your eating?

How is the exercise?

Have you been to the temple? Do you get to go?

Hows the dorm? sleeping arrangements? Living arrangements?

Will there really be a "Halloween" there? should I send candy? If I do you have to promise not to open it until the "party" and then you have to share it!

What have you heard about the mission/mission president?

We found your Ipod. How much music and what kind of music?

How come you wrote to Connor and not me? I will work on your list and get it in the mail. We found your pocket knife thing, your Ipod and your hymn book when we were looking for the boat keys. (we still haven't found them) haha really, you want a fan? That will be expensive to send unless I can find someone to get you one, like Jan. I'll work on it.

Do you need stationary/stamps?

Would you like a plastic envelope to keep letters, memoribilia in?


Where is your driving records and your international drivers license? There is nothing left in your room. In your box in the kitchen?

How are you doing on money?

Did you get your shots? I was excited to hear that it wasnt going to cost as much!

Well, that is enough questions for right now. Let me know what you want for Christmas. I will have to send it to the Mission home early. I havent decided if I will send your birthday then too or maybe I'll wait and do it at your half bday like Brett does for Tyler and Megan. Let me know what you think. One big package or one now and one in July.

We love you! We miss you! We are proud of you! Is there anything we need to be doing that I havent done yet? or that Im not doing because I don't know about it? Let me know. Work hard. Don't get discouraged. You are a strong boy that can do anything you want to when you set your mind to it! I have updated your blog 3 times this week. It's been kinda fun. We always post it on your fb and mine so everyone can see it. I haven't put your first letter yet, but I have group-sent it to family and friends. I will hopefully get it done tomorrow. Alma Don sends her love and is excited to hear how your MTC experience is. I hope you are doing well and you are happy you made this decision. You are going to make a great missionary. Take care. One thing I didn't do just before you left was tickle your back and I actually miss doing that!

I Love you!

MOM =)

p.s. make sure you date your letters so we can keep the in order!

(From Spencer)

Dear mom and everyone,

Everything is going great. I kinda messed up on some stuff so its going to be a short email this week but ill write you today some time. I just going to do the nececties in the email this week. It is intense but awesome. i can feel myself shange everyday. The language is good and my comp is great. Dont worry about the fan or candy i havent heard anthinf special about that. The weather is way cold right now i can see my breath untill about noon. no bueno! Sorry i didnt write you mom i thought my emails were enough. lol. I just need to be able to call to ask you for stuff haha. But ya i love you all. I wish i had more time to write but ti is great and dont worry

Love your missionary,

Elder Spencer Olsen


(from Spencer hand written, typed by MOM)

Dear Mom,

Sorry my email was so short. You wrote me a really long email and it killed a lot of my time to actually write my email. So what I saw other elders doing was writing their emails on their journal in So I did the same. I wrote my email answered all your questions and copied the email. And when I logged in my email I had like 12 minutes left. Ipened your email, hit relpy and went to pase what I had wrote and it didn’t. And when I logged in to my email it closed and didn’t save the journal entry. So I’m sorry.

But everything is going great. My comp is way cool. His name is Elder Jarod Harrington. He is from Las Vegas, plays basketball (he is 6’5”). Overall a chill guy. His is similar to me, goffy and precistant.

The Language is coming…I definetly know more than when I entered. We had to teach a fake investigator in Spanish after like 4 days after being here. It was hard but helped a lot. The guy ended up being our teacher. So we have 2 teachers.

Last Tuesday we heard from Richard G. Scott. My district sat like 10 rows from the front. Probably the best devo I have ever been to. We get to have a devo every Sunday and Tuesday. On Sundays, its normally someone who works in the church offices but on Tuesdays are supposed to be the ones the General Authorities come to. I guess we missed Elder Holland by like 3 weeks.

Sis Marble came in last week on Monday. When I saw her I went to give her a hug but like right as I opened my arms I realized I couldn’t. Haha! The Allen’s came in today. It was great to see them. It was just a quick encounter, they were doing all the 1st day stuff.

I actually got your package on Saturday that you said you had sent. But I have gotten all of your packages and the dearelder’s. I got one from Lauren that 1st day and I got one from Gma today. She did it on her Iphone so it was really weird. Lol.

Like I said in my email, ya it is way cold. The jacket helps when we have 6:30 gym time. The run over there is so cold. But I’m not looking forward to it getting colder. We have 4 Elders in my district that leave next Tuesday for the Guatamala MTC. Everyone is jealous. I know I am. That 1st Wednesday to Sunday felt like 2 months. It took forever. But after Sunday it has sped up.

The food is ok. It’s just like eating at the Cannon Center. The 1st few days were hard but I got the hang of eating only what I need. I also promised my Branch Pres. That I would watch my weight. He is a funny but intense guy. Like Bishop Webb and Pres. Peterson mixed into one. He is a great guy. Whenever we have 6:30 gym I run 1 mile before I do anything else. We have 6:30 gym 2 a week. Every other day we go out and play soccer. But soon we will only be able to go to the gym not the field.

For the temple they give us a 3 hour time slot on every P-day. Ours is at 10:05. On Friday we did intiatories. But the lookest thing was one of the guys in my district has a very good family friend who is the Temple Recorder. So he took us on a tour. He told us he was taking us places nobody gets to go! We went upstairs in the Temple. The Provo Temple is circular se we went on the outer ring on the inside of the temple and went in to their projection boot. So I guess the provo temple is the only temple where you can see temple to temple. Out of the North side of the building you can see the Timpview Temple – way cool. After that he took us on the roof! We stood right next to the steeple and right on the edge. The guy who took us on the tour had a camera. So he took some really good pics of us. He said he would send them to us after we left the MTC.

The dorms are just 2 sets of bunks, 4 closets and 2 desks. The 2 Elders we were sharing with moved the other day so its just me and my comp in a room meant for 4 when there are other rooming that are like up to 7 Elders. Oh well.

I guess there is going to be nothing for Halloween. And the treats are great but can you send me healthier ones like salted almonds would be awesome and the All fruit rollups.

I haven’t heard anything about the mission or mission president. But there is someone in my Zone who is actually from Queen Creek and he knows someone who is there right not. So I asked hime to email his buddy and ask him. So I should know something this Friday about it.

Ya I most definitely did not hide the boat keys. I bet this is God telling you not to do anything fun while I’m gone. Sounds like the Lord is on my side. HA!

For my Ipod, just as much music as you can. If you go to there are some really good songs you can download for free I think. But it doesn’t matter in the MTC we can’t listen to it here but send it before I leave here.

Stationary and stamps would be helpful. Stamps are expensive. They are $.44 a piece. Lots of paper and envelopes too. Also yes to the plastic envelope. I just need you guys to constantly post my email telling people to send me their addresses on my FB. But yea that would be awesome to have that stuff.

I’m taking as many pictures as I can. It’s kinda hard in the MTC because we are always in class. But I have taken a few.

My driving record and International drivers license should be in that box. If not there check to see if it is in the records drawer in your desk. That’s all I can think of.

Money’s fine. I only used my card once and the rest has bee the cash I had with me on the plane so I’m good for now. Oh yeah, it was a bad trade with Lauren on the camera. The one she traded me sucks so bad. It really does eat batteries. And I haven’t gotten my shots yet. They are going to give them to me all at once. So I don’t have to get them or pay for them until like Nov. 24th so I’m set.

Thank you for all your blessings. I’m so excited to get out on the field. It’s so hard to stay sane in the MTC. But it should get better.

Love Your Missionary,

Elder Spencer Olsen

Oh, P.S. Can you get me Kevin, Darin, and Harrison’s email and addresses for me and Chandler! Oh and for Christmas ties and socks. Seriously the washer and dryers here already ate 3 of my socks. Also tell Jensen to email me. I have a question for him.

(From Spencer)

Dear family and everyone,

Week 2 down 7 to go. The MTC is a weird place because you really just experience the same thing over and over again. So there ios really nothing too exciting to write about haha. But I do have one cool thing. So on tuesday we were out playing soccer and i was running aroud do my soccer thing. So the soccer feils is on a hill not flat ground. So when i stopped one time my body kept going and my feet stopped so i rolled my ankle pretty good. Mom wait till you see those pics hahahah. Worse than when mitchell had that thing drop on his foot. But its prefectly fine i have been walking on it. My ZL's made me go see the doctor so i went and he gave me some rehab for it and a new ankle brace he wants me to wear for the next year.

Hey Garrett,

Thank you for being the only brother to write me 2 times since i have been in the MTC. It was way cool to get your dearelder yesterday. That is exciting that you have a solo in the primary program you guys need to figure out how to record it and send it to me. And that is awesome that you are gettimng out of resource. I am so proud of you. Just work hard. If you do your part and pray for hevanly father to help uyou anything is possible. I know that because i am were i am right now. Keep up the good work.

Hey connor and mitchell,

Thanks for not writing me. I even sent connor a hand written letter and still nothing. LAME SAUCE!!! Well i hope everything is going great for you out there for you guys. But it would help to hear from you so i can write something for you :-P


You working on your spanish yet. I sure know i am. It is super intese. So if you are going to try to learn it start now! It'll be fun for you i think to be able to talk to everyone down at the apt. But yeah it'll be great for your memory to do that. And tell everyone at the gym im doing great and i wish i would have spent more time there when i had the chance haha.


i wrote you like 2 days ago so i really dont have much to say. But im having fun and doing great.

Well like i said days are the same here at the mtc. Class study gym more class. So ya but it is alot of fun . Well we are headed off to the temple now ill talk to you all next week.

Love your favorite missionary,

Elder spencer Olsen

P.s. Mitchell can you get me a hacky sack. One of the good sand ones from zoomies. It would help alot

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  1. These are such wonderful letters! What a treasure!