Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank You for the Love & Support

We have great friends and family. Many people have helped support Spencer on his mission and we truly appreciate it. Some of our closest friend through a Missionary Shower for Spencer. Thank you to those who hosted and helped make that night so wonderful! He was showered with gifts that helped him cross items off the packing list. And many people helped financially also. We were able to go back to Pomeroy's and buy his luggage, socks, an alarm clock, and a few other essentials. We also had to buy him a coat that he would wear in Utah. He is going to the tropics, but will be in the snow for the next 2 months.
Spencer was able to speak twice, also. The first time he spoke with a High Councilman in 9th Ward. He did a great job, but he needed to clean up his talk a little. For their musical number, we had all four of our boys sing, "We'll bring the World His Truth." What a great honor it was to have them sing and they did an awesome job. What a proud moment for Mom and Dad. The next week he spoke in our home ward and how emotional was that! We have been in that ward for 14+ years and we have some good friends there. He started out his talk by asking everyone in the congregation to look at their hymn books. When he was a young boy, he wrote his name on the side of a hymn book, and he really wanted to find it. The 2nd Councilor in the Stake Presidency was on the stand, who used to be our Bishop, got up and went to the pulpit and whispered something in Spencer's ear. Come to find out he had seen it a week or so earlier in the Relief Society Room. Well, after church we went and found it. He wants to keep it for Spencer in his office for safe keeping, so it was returned to him. It was quite hilarious. They had all of the Young Men, including their leaders sing, "We'll bring the World His Truth." Another proud moment.
We had invited several friends from our gym to hear Spencer speak, so we had them all over for dinner after church. We had Costa Vida - Wendi's Version. We had so much fun! Brett's family came up from Tucson, along with Grandpa Clarke and Uncle Mike. We wish we could have had more family, but that's the sad part of living so far away from the ones you love.
The other great event that happened before Spencer left was that we were able to have his brother, Connor's, Eagle Court of Honor. Even though we were so busy getting Spencer ready, we needed to take the time and Honor Connor in his great accomplishment. It ended up being a great day with lots of friends, family and leader's who were there to support him. The two highlights were we had the four brothers dressed in their scout uniforms sing again, "We'll Bring the World His Truth." There wasn't a dry eye in the audience. The other was Connor leaned over to mom just as the meeting began and asked if he had to have a Mentor picked out. Mom neglected to talk to him about it. So when it came time to give out the pin, he choose his brother, Spencer. Well, if you didn't have a tear during the song, then you for sure had one at that moment. Even the two brothers managed to drop a tear or two.
What a difference and hour makes! They love each other so much, yet .......

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  1. I love to read these blog entries. You are doing a great job. How wonderful that your boys are all such great friends. I will look foward to hearing how Spencer like the MTC in Provo. Great job!